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How to Throw A Fabulous Baby Shower

How to Throw A Fabulous Baby Shower

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If your Pinterest wall is filled with images of diaper towers and gender-reveal cupcakes, then it’s safe to say that you’ve been waiting to throw an adorable baby shower for a while now. So if the time has come to celebrate a special ‘mummy-to-be’ in your life, then we have all the important tips you’re going to need to plan that perfect baby shower.


Timing is everything. Let the cute Mamma-to-be show off her adorable baby bump but make sure you don’t schedule it too close to her due date so that she can enjoy her special day without any stress. Ideally, pick a date early on in her last trimester and make sure that she is comfortable with the time and date.


The right location will set the mood for the party. For this one, keep in mind the guest-of-honour’s preferences. Accordingly, you could hold the party at someone’s home, a restaurant, a garden, any outdoor space, at a pool-side or even a spa/wellness retreat.


Here’s where the fun really begins. Unleash your creativity and choose an appropriate theme. Based on this theme, you can then start designing invitations, planning the décor, food, gifts etc.We rounded up a few of our favourite themes to get your creative juices flowing.

A. Ready to Pop: You can’t get more literal than this theme. Bring alive the theme with cake pops for snacks, lots of balloons, popcorn boxes, bottles of bubbly and pretty much anything that pops!

How to Throw A Fabulous Baby Shower
For the Mom who’s ready to POP!

B. Baby land: Because it’s all about the BABY! Have fun making baby-themed snacks and décor, serve your drinks in milk bottles and make bib-shaped name tags for all the guests. Pool in all your baby care products and baby gear and use them in a creative manner to truly bring the theme alive.

C. Royal Celebration: Get ready to welcome the little Prince or Princess with a royal affair. Tiaras, diaper castles, a throne for the Queen Mamma-to-be, the list of ideas is endless!

How to Throw A Fabulous Baby Shower
Get creative with new-born baby products for the mom-to-be

D. Colour Combinations: If you don’t want to stick to a specific theme, just choose a baby-inspired colour combination such as pink & mint or blue & light gold, and create a magical setting for your party.


As the event planner and the official MBF (Mom-to-be’s Best Friend), it’s your job to make the guest list. After you make a list of the Mom-to-be’s close friends and family, you might want to consult with her to see if she approves of all the guests. Once you finalize that, design an invite keeping your theme in mind.

If you have any special instructions for the guests, make sure you include them in the invite. One idea that we love is the ‘diaper raffle’. Simply put in a line in the invite asking guests to bring a pack of diapers that will be then entered in the diaper raffle. One lucky winner will get a fun prize. The best part about this is that the Mom-to-be will get a whole load of new diapers that she will truly appreciate when the baby comes.


If you’re planning a baby shower along with the mom-to-be’s closest friends, it’s a great idea to ask everyone to contribute by bringing along any one food item. Plan a good mix of savoury and sweet treats and serve food buffet-style. Has the Mom-to-be been experiencing a lot of food cravings? You could serve a platter of her favourite food cravings with a sign that says “Craving Corner”! Put up a candy bar with a mix of colourful sweet treats. Play with your theme and get creative.

How to Throw A Fabulous Baby Shower
Make your own watermelon baby carriage

How to Throw A Fabulous Baby Shower
Boy or girl cupcakes!

How to Throw A Fabulous Baby Shower
Set up a Candy Bar!


You know you’ve chosen the right cake when you hear a collective “awwww” from all the guests. Baby shower cakes can be absolutely adorable, if done right. Diaper cakes, gender-reveal cakes, baby-in-a-stroller cakes – there are so many different ideas you can try out for this one.

How to Throw A Fabulous Baby Shower


Your friend’s bridal shower may have been wild, but a baby shower is where the real fun begins. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite games that will have everyone rolling in laughter from start to end.

A. Diapers & Dolls: This is a relay game where you split your guests into 2 or more teams. Each team member has to change the diaper of a baby doll before passing the doll on to the next team member who does the same. The catch is that they have to do it BLINDFOLDED. The team that finishes first wins!

B. Guzzling the Baby Bottle: Fill a whole lot of baby bottles with a delicious drink and let the guzzling contest begin. The person who finishes the maximum amount of bottles within a specific time limit is the winner.

C. Paint the baby: All the guests are blindfolded and given a pen and paper. They have to then create a sketch what they think the new baby will look like within one minute. The sketches are then shown to the mom-to-be who chooses her favourite baby sketch.

D. Diaper Fashion: Divide players into 3-4 teams and give each team 8-10 diapers. Using the diapers, each team has to style any one of their players in the most fashionable manner by attaching the diapers to their body.Mom-to-be chooses the best diaper fashion!


Your awesome baby shower isn’t complete without these. Go for something cute and simple like candy-filled baby bottles, baby-scented candles, baby-themed cookies in jars or even a bag of beauty essentials.

How to Throw A Fabulous Baby Shower
Candy-bottle giveaways!

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