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3 Healthy & Delicious Snack Ideas for Pregnant Women

3 Healthy & Delicious Snack Ideas for Pregnant Women

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3 Healthy & Delicious Snack Ideas for Pregnant Women

Snacking often during pregnancy is part of the deal. While you are consuming a few extra calories for your growing baby, pregnant women also tend to snack more because it becomes harder to eat larger meals at a time as your pregnancy progresses. The best way to make sure that both you and your little one are getting the right nutrition is by packing your pantry and refrigerator with healthy snacks that are ready when your cravings strike! Here are some of our favourite (mummy-tested) pregnancy snacks that are not only nutritious but also absolutely delicious!

1.Greek Yoghurt Crunch
This is a quick and easy snack that you can keep ready in your refrigerator to quell those mid-day hunger pangs. Simply layer a cup with greek yoghurt (non-fat, if possible), your favourite fruits like mangoes, blueberries, apples or pears, and a sprinkling of nuts like almonds or walnuts. You can even substitute the nuts with granola if you prefer.

Health Benefits:Yoghurt is great for pregnant women. It is a good source of calcium and loaded with protein. It also helps keep your digestive system functioning well. Walnuts are the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids and also provide proteins. Almonds also help keep you full and are loaded with minerals. Mangoes and apples are a great source of Vitamin A and C and provide good fiber. Berries are rich in fiber, carbohydrates and folates.

A refreshing snack that’s perfect at any time of the day!

2. Sweet Potato Chips
So delicious and yet, so healthy! Cut sweet potatoes into very thin round slices. Sprinkle them with a little cinnamon and sugar. Alternatively, you could even drizzle them in a little olive oil and sea salt. Bake on baking sheet at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. Flip halfway during baking to make sure they bake evenly. These crispy sweet potato chips taste best fresh hot out of the oven.

Health Benefits:Sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber, potassium, Vitamins A, C and B6, perfect for giving you that much-needed energy boost. These also help greatly in controlling morning sickness.

All the fun of potatoes without any of the guilt 😊

3. Healthy Green Smoothie
Green smoothies are healthy, easy to digest and a great snack at any time of the day. For this one, simply blend together 1 cup coconut milk, ½ cup baby spinach, ½ ripe chopped avocado, ½ cup cucumber, a pinch of grated ginger and honey for sweetness.

Health Benefits:Both spinach and avocados contain a large amount of folic acid which is extremely important for the development of your growing baby. They are also loaded with essential vitamins, calcium and minerals. Avocados also contain potassium that can help reduce leg cramps during pregnancy. In addition to being quite nutritious, cucumber is also a mood-elevating food and helps regulate blood pressure.

Full of nutrients and packed with flavour!

Would you try any of these recipes? Share your favourite pregnancy snack ideas with us!

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