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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

This is probably one of the few times in your life when packing a suitcase, weeks in advance, is completely justifiable. Packing and keeping your hospital bag ready by your 34th week will ensure you stay relaxed and stress-free as the due date approaches. Just so that you don’t miss out on anything, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of items you need to pack in your hospital bag.

Tip: Remember to separate the items that you will need during labour from those you will require post-labour so that they are easily accessible.

1. Important documentation:

Hospital registration forms, insurance and identification information and your birth plan are some of the things you should put together in a file. Ask your hospital if they require any further documents so that you don’t have to run around at the last minute.

2. Comfortable robe or old nightgown:

Though most hospitals require you to wear a hospital gown during labour, you could opt to wear something you are more comfortable in.

3. Maternity bras and nursing pads:

Make sure you have enough of these. Even if you are not nursing, you will need these in the days after.

4. Socks and cozy slippers:

Comfortable footwear will be your best friend during this experience.

5. A few front-opening nightgowns:

These will be helpful when you start breastfeeding and are also loose and comfortable.

6. Extra-absorbent maternity underwear or disposable underwear:

Whether absorbent or disposable, choose the one you are more comfortable with.

7. Bag of Toiletries:

Even though the hospital will provide some essential items, you could carry your own for comfort & convenience. We recommend a hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, facewash, shampoo, conditioner, soap/bodywash, deodorant, moisturizer, lip balm, hair ties and hair bands, tissues, contact lens case and solution.

8. Munchies:

Keep the room stocked with a couple of snacks for your partner who will also be spending a lot of time there.

9. Important gadgets:

Cell phones, phone-chargers, cameras, camera-chargers are some of the things you want to make sure you have ready at hand.

10. An extra pillowcase and towel:

In case you prefer to bring along your own pillowcase, sheet or bath towel.

11.Pack for your partner too:

Since your partner will also be spending a lot of time at the hospital, pack a few pairs of clothes and toiletries for them too.

12. Going-home outfits:

Choose a special going-home outfit for both you and your little one.

13. Full body suits, socks, mittens and a cap for the baby:

While you don’t really need to pack any baby care products for the hospital, you could take 2-3 sets of clothes for your baby if you like.

14. Car seat:

When it’s time to take your baby home, make sure you have a proper car seat to take them home safely.

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