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10 Easy & Quick Beauty Tips for Moms

10 Easy & Quick Beauty Tips for Moms

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Hey Moms – if you’re looking for a beauty routine that fits into your hectic lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for easy, effective and quick beauty tips that you’ll love to follow!

1. Start the day with Mom’s Magical Drink
Umm, no, this isn’t quite the drink you were thinking of, but it comes a close second 😊. Cleanse your body from the inside by drinking a mixture of warm water, 1 tsp honey and juice of ½ a lemon, as soon as you wake up in the morning. It aids digestion, helps you detox, cleanses the liver and works to prevent acne.

Begin your day in a healthy way!

2. Easy Care for Messy Hair
When washing your hair becomes a rare, celebratory event, it’s time to stock up on some dry shampoo. Another great alternative to dry shampoo is, wait for it ---- baby powder! What it does is basically absorb the excess oil from your scalp and give it some bounce. Just take a little on your fingers and rub it into your roots. Dust off any excess powder with your hairbrush. It won’t get rid of the dirt, but it sure will conceal it. When you want your hair to smell good but have no time to shampoo, just spray some perfume on to your hair brush and touch up your hair. Easy peasy, right?

3. Baby Oil for the Win!
Here’s one product you and your baby can share right from the start! Use baby oil to wipe off makeup or grime from your face at the end of the day and even to moisturize dry lips. Apply a little baby oil as a highlighter on your cheekbones before you go out for a bright, dewy look. Use it to moisturize the skin on your arms and legs after shaving. Our Softsens Baby Massage Oil is a light-weight formulation that contains rich emollients like 'Sensolene' & Olivem 300, which aid in long-lasting skin hydration. It is also infused with Vitamin E, which is a strong antioxidant and protects the skin from radical damage.

Baby Oil is the secret beauty tool of Moms!

4. Make up in a Minute
Refresh dull, tired skin in less than a minute with this handy tip: On the back of your hand, mix together a little foundation/concealer with a light facial moisturizer and apply it to your face using your index finger. Blend in outward strokes using your finger. If you have clear skin, simply use it to cover redness and dark spots. Dab on a little lip balm and some eyeliner (if you have any time left) and you’re all set, ladies.

5. Get the ‘I’m tired but you’ll never know’ look
Mom life = little/no sleep = Tired eyes. Right? Reduce the puffiness under your eyes with these quick and easy home remedies. Dip a green tea bag in warm water, remove and let it cool. Place the cool bags under your eyes for a few minutes and note the difference. Green tea is a natural antioxidant and contains anti-inflammatory properties. You could also try refreshing your skin by running an ice cube over your skin for a few minutes. Another simply way to disguise tired eyes is by putting a metal spoon in the refrigerator for a while and then cooling your eyes with the back of the spoon.

6. Give your skin a quick perk-me-up with natural ingredients
Sure, DIY home remedies on Pinterest look super easy but you don’t always have time for those, do you? Instead, just perk up your skin with these 1-ingredient wonders. Tone your skin and close pores with a simple egg-white mask; soothe redness and moisturize skin with Aloe Vera gel; treat acne with raw honey; rejuvenate skin with a mixture of gram flour and water; or hydrate skin with a milk cream (malai) mask.

Show your skin some love with our 1-ingredient face masks!

7. Sweat is good!
As a mom, you’re probably on your feet from morning to night but it’s important to take some time from your busy schedule for a dedicated exercise routine. No time to hit the gym? Run up and down your staircase a few times, jump rope for 10 minutes or do a few squats or crunches. Exercise promotes healthy skin, nails and hair and helps release pent-up stress.

8. The Art of Hiding Grays
The easiest way to hide those gray hairs is by brushing them with a little mascara. Although it will wash off when you rinse your hair, it’s a quick and easy fix and can be applied as often as you need it. Dark eye shadow is also another alternative if you don’t have mascara.

9. Tweeze with ease
When you don’t have time to thread those unruly eyebrows, simply dab some warm water over your brow area using a cotton pad, dry it and use a tweezer to clean up your brows. Easy, effective and not-so-painful!

10. Sundays are for exfoliation
Moms – give yourself a break every now and then with a spa day at home. Even if you can’t exfoliate once a week, try and do it at least once a month. Some exfoliating combinations we love are ‘brown sugar + aloe vera gel + lemon juice’, or ‘sandalwood + almond paste + honey + milk’. Go ahead, you deserve some TLC.

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