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All About Baby Sleep Bags: Why, When & How to Use Them

All About Baby Sleep Bags: Why, When & How to Use Them

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All About Baby Sleep Bags: Why, When & How to Use Them

We understand that making sure that your little angel gets a peaceful night’s sleep is one of your main concerns as a parent. When your baby sleeps better, they’re happier, less cranky, and the best part is that you get to sleep better too, Moms & Dads!

Baby Sleep Bags were specifically designed with that purpose in mind! These sleeping bags, also commonly referred to as sleep sacks, baby grow bags or wearable blankets, were made to help your baby sleep better and safer all through the night.

So, what is a Baby Sleep Bag?

As the name suggests, a baby sleep bag or sleep sack is basically a zip-up wearable blanket that’s made to keep your little one safe, warm & cozy all night, thus eliminating the need for any loose blankets in their cot as any loose items can put your baby at a higher risk of SIDS.

When used correctly, baby sleep bags not only help your baby sleep better and more comfortably through the night, but also help build positive sleep associations.

What are the benefits of using a Baby Sleep Bag?

The right baby sleep bag can have a range of benefits for your little one. Here are a few:

• Improves baby’s sleep by keeping them warm & cozy all night long and helping to regulate their body temperature, while preventing overheating.

• As it is a wearable blanket, your baby cannot kick off their cover in the middle of the night which could happen in the case of a loose blanket. This also prevents sudden temperature changes at night, which could potentially break their sleep.

• A safer alternative to loose blankets in the cot.

• Use of baby sleep bags also tends to promote back sleeping in infants, and makes them less likely to roll over onto their stomach while sleeping.

• The closed cover around your baby’s legs prevents your baby’s tiny feet from accidentally getting caught in between the slats of the cot.

• When you start dressing your baby in the sleep bag and make it a part of your pre-bedtime routine, your baby will begin to associate it with warmth, safety, security and comfort, thus building positive sleep associations. So even if you’re travelling or in an unfamiliar environment, dressing your baby in the sleep bag at night helps signal that it is bedtime, and can help baby sleep better.

How and when should you begin using a baby sleep bag?

While you can start using a baby sleep bag whenever you like, most parents start using Baby Sleep Bags while transitioning their little ones out of the swaddle stage!

Traditional swaddle blankets tend to be preferable for babies for the first few months. This is because a traditional swaddle blanket keeps baby’s arms inside the blanket as well, preventing your little one from getting startled awake by their own sudden reflexes at night, and helping them sleep better.

Learn more about swaddling in our complete guide on how to correctly swaddle your newborn baby.

Once your baby begins to roll over, a traditional swaddle should no longer be used. At this stage, a baby sleep bag is the safest sleep essential for your little one. It’s important to pick a correctly sized sleep bag. Our Super Soft Muslin Sleep Bags come in two generous sizes and are ideal for babies that weigh above 8 kgs and are between 6-18 months.

However, a sleep bag can also be used right from the beginning, if you prefer. There are a lot of babies that don’t enjoy being swaddled. If your little one seems uncomfortable in their swaddle or keeps trying to break out of it, a newborn sleeping bag is the perfect solution, right from the start, as long as you make sure that you are using the correct size.

When should you stop using a baby sleep bag?

There isn’t any fixed rule for this. You can continue to dress your baby in a sleep bag at bedtime as long as:
(a) The sleep bag fits them correctly and your child hasn’t outgrown it
(b) They feel comfortable and secure in the sleep bag

Our Softsens Super Soft Muslin Sleep Bags are designed for babies up to 18 months of age. However, choosing the correct sleep bag depends not only on your baby’s age but weight as well. It’s important to ensure that the sleep bag fits them correctly.

Check out our Sleep Bag size chart below to choose the correct sleep bag for your little one.

Softsens Sleep Bag Size

Sleep Bag Length

Baby’s Weight

For ages


28 inches (70 cms)

17-24 lbs


8-10 kgs

 6-12 months


36 inches (90 cms)

24-32 lbs


10-15 kgs

 12-18 months

How to Safely Dress your Baby in a Sleep Bag

To make sure your baby sleeps safely, keep in mind the following guidelines when dressing them in a sleep bag.

1. Prevent overheating by choosing their base layer correctly
A baby sleeping bag can be worn over your baby’s diaper, or over a onesie, footie or pajamas. Pick the base layer according to the ambient temperature in the room so that baby remains cozy and comfy. Our Super Soft Muslin 4-layer Sleep Bags, have a TOG (thermal overall grade) rating of 1.0, which makes them ideal for ambient temperatures of around 21°-24° C. (TOG rating is meant to calculate the insulation of the fabric) Typically, one layer of clothing under your Softsens sleep bag is perfect when the temperature is between 21°-24° C. If the temperature is warmer, the sleep bag can be worn directly over the diaper. If it’s cooler in baby’s room, you can dress them in a bodysuit or pajamas before putting on their sleep bag. Always check baby’s neck or stomach for signs that they may be feeling too hot. Here’s our complete guide on – Signs of Overheating in Babies: What to do and How to Prevent it.

2. Make sure the sleep bag is the correct size for your little one
A badly-fitting sleeping bag can be unsafe for your little one. Here’s what you should look out for when choosing the size:
- The sleep bag should not be too big for baby. The neck of the sleep bag should be comfortable but not too wide that it can slip over your baby’s neck. It’s okay if the sleep bag is long, but it should fit correctly around baby’s neck and arms, so that there is no chance of baby slipping into the sack through the neck hole.
- Avoid sleep bags with hoods as these can increase the risk of SIDS.

3. Always put your baby on their back when dressing them and putting them to bed in their sleep bag.

4. After dressing them in their sleeping bag, make sure that the zipper is fastened properly and all the way up.

How to pick the best sleep bag for your baby

There are all kinds of baby sleep bags available for your little ones. However, here are a few things to look out for to make sure you choose the best sleeping bag for your little one.

Our range of Super Soft Muslin Sleeping Bags are thoughtfully-designed with all of these must-have features to keep your little ones snug, safe & comfy all night long!

1. Soft, light and breathable fabric
The best baby sleeping bags are made from soft, light and breathable fabrics that are gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. Softsens Super Soft Muslin Sleeping Bags feature 4 layers of super-soft bamboo muslin, for extra comfort and care. Extremely breathable, our lightweight sleeping bags are designed to prevent any overheating or sweating, when worn correctly.

Bamboo is not just an extremely soft, thermo-regulating and absorbent fabric, but also naturally antibacterial and odor-resistant, making it ideal for baby’s sensitive skin.

2. Sleeveless Design
The armholes in our sleep bags let air circulate so babies don’t overheat. It also keeps your baby’s arms free which is important once they start rolling over.

3. Double Zipper to make diaper changes easy at night
Our sleeping bags have a practical top to bottom zipper to make those nighttime diaper changes super quick & easy, without even waking your little one.

4. Closed at the bottom but with enough wiggle room for your baby’s legs
A sleep bag that is closed at the bottom will help keep your little one cozy all night and prevent their tiny legs from accidentally getting stuck in the cot slats as they move around. Our generously-sized sleeping bags are also roomy enough at the bottom, to promote proper hip development, while keeping your little ones snug and cozy.

5. Should be correctly sized
The best sleep bag for your baby is one that fits correctly. Refer to our sleep bag size chart to make sure you pick the correct size for your little one.

Click here to explore our collection of Super Soft Muslin Baby Sleep Bags, available in a range of gorgeous colours and prints. Oh, and get ready for a great night’s sleep!

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