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What makes Bamboo the Best All-season Baby Clothing?

What makes Bamboo the Best All-season Baby Clothing?

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When it comes to SOFTNESS, nothing really compares to the buttery-soft feeling of bamboo fabric. And while its ultra-soft texture is one of the main reasons why bamboo is perfect for baby’s delicate skin, there are so many other wonderful reasons why we love bamboo clothing!

Bamboo is a fabric that works perfectly in any season – be it summer or winter – keeping the wearer cozy, comfy and happy! So, whether you’re looking for cool outfits for baby’s summer wardrobe or warm, snuggly pieces for the cooler season, we’ve got a selection of the best bamboo clothing for your little ones!

But first, let’s take a look at what makes bamboo the perfect all-season baby clothing!

1. Ultra-breathable & moisture-wicking fabric that helps regulate baby’s body temperature
Bamboo is a thermo-regulating fabric that’ll actually help keep baby a few degrees cooler during summer and warmer during winter. Bamboo fabric has micro-gaps that help trap the cool air during summer, and the warm air during the cooler seasons. When it’s too hot and baby begins to sweat, bamboo clothing actually helps draw the sweat and moisture away from the skin into the fabric from where it evaporates. This helps prevent baby from waking up in the middle of the night due to overheating. Once your baby’s body temperature has cooled down, the fabric keeps them warm and cozy through the night. This makes it absolutely ideal for the winters too. Bamboo helps keep your baby’s body at the perfect temperature all night long.

2. Hypoallergenic, Naturally Antibacterial & Odor-free
Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and prone to redness & irritation, especially when the weather becomes too hot or too cold. Bamboo fabric clothing contains natural antibacterial and anti-odor properties that draw bacteria and odors away from the skin, making it a clean & healthy choice for your baby’s skin in both summer and winter. It also has UV protective properties that can actually help protect your baby’s delicate skin from sun damage.

3. Far more absorbent than cotton
Bamboo fiber clothing is 40% more absorbent than cotton and helps wick away moisture and sweat to keep your baby comfy & sweat-free in every season.

4. Non-irritating fabric
Bamboo is a non-irritating natural fabric that is perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin and prevents allergic reactions that may sometimes happen with fabrics like wool, nylon or polyester. Clothes made from bamboo fiber are especially great for babies who are prone to eczema or skin allergies.

5. Gets softer with every wash
We can vouch for this! Bamboo clothing has the amazing quality of getting softer with each wash, making it an extremely long-lasting and durable fabric.

Here’s a look at our favourite picks from the Softsens bamboo clothing store!

Bamboo Footies

Look no further for your newborn bamboo clothes! Our cozy-as-can-be bamboo baby footies are perfect for keeping your baby cozy all night, in any weather. These buttery-soft and breathable footies come in either a button-down or a zipper option to make night-time diaper changes quick. This full length footie also has an anti-slip grip at the bottom and cozy fold-over sleeves to keep your baby’s little hands warm and to prevent them from scratching themselves. Pair them with our cozy bamboo beanies & booties to keep baby snug from top to toe.

Choose from our adorable bamboo button-up or zipper footies that are available in seven soothing colours.

Bamboo Muslin Baby Sleep bags

The safest alternative to a loose blanket, our Baby Sleep Bags are crafted from 4 layers of super soft and breathable bamboo to keep your baby cozy all night, without any chance of overheating or sweating. Depending on the temperature, this cozy, lightweight sleep bag can be worn over your baby’s onesie or footie, for maximum comfort.

Not sure why, when or how to use a baby sleep bag? Click here for all the answers!

Here’s our guide on how to dress baby for bedtime with our Super Soft Sleep Bags based on the temperature!

Bamboo Top & Bottom Sets

Our collection of short-sleeved and long-sleeved bamboo top and bottom sets can be easily worn in any weather and can be mixed and matched with other outfits too, making them a must-have for your baby. These ultra-soft, breathable & anti-static outfits can be worn during the day or night and are the ultimate comfort essential for baby!

6-layer Bamboo Muslin Blankets

Snuggle time just got a whole lot cozier! Our luxuriously soft baby & toddler blankets are lightweight & breathable, thus allowing for easy airflow to prevent sweating & overheating, and are crafted from 6 layers of super-soft bamboo to keep baby warm & cozy in winter, and cool, comfy & snug during summer.

Bamboo Baby Swaddles

Discover our range of soft, stretchy, lightweight & breathable bamboo swaddles that’ll keep your innocent little angel cozy & comfy without any sweating, helping them sleep longer and better!

Bamboo Onesies & Rompers

Our range of sleeveless and short-sleeved bamboo onesies and rompers can be used all through the year! Let your little ones enjoy the warm summer sun in our sleeveless bamboo onesies that’ll keep them oh-so-cool and comfy. In the cooler months, layer our bamboo onesies and rompers with footies or tops & bottoms to keep your baby cozy. Bamboo will help draw away moisture from the skin, leaving their skin dry and clean.

Love our bamboo collection? Click here to explore our wide range of bamboo clothing for babies.

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