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8 Reasons You’ll Love our New 2-in-1 Burp Cloth cum Bib

8 Reasons You’ll Love our New 2-in-1 Burp Cloth cum Bib

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Mummas, we’re serious when we say that we’re inspired by your everyday parenting experiences to create thoughtfully-designed products that make your lives a whole lot easier! And that’s exactly what led us to create our Super Soft Muslin 2-in-1 Burp Cloth cum Bib!

We know that cleaning up drool, dribble, spit-up and other messes can often seem never-ending, so we designed a versatile & practical product that can be used to clean up messes in more ways than one!

This wonderful product from our Super Soft Muslin Collection is a Bib AND Burp cloth all in one! It doesn’t get more burp-tastic than that, does it?

Here are 8 awesome reasons why you’ll love our 2-in-1 Burp Cloth cum Bib!

1. It can be used as BOTH a burp cloth and bib
Just like you, this must-have baby essential is a true multi-tasker! The unique U-shaped design allows you to use it in 2 convenient ways:
(a) Use it as a baby feeding bib by placing it around baby’s neck and shoulders and securing it in place with practical snap buttons to catch all those inevitable messes and spills.
(b) Or place it over your own shoulder while burping your little one and use it as a burp cloth.
We promise – you’ll be reaching out for this handy essential all through the day to catch and wipe away all kinds of messes.

2. Crafted from Super Soft Bamboo Muslin for baby’s delicate skin
Our Super Soft Muslin Burp Cloth cum Bib is crafted from super-soft bamboo viscose combined with the lightness of muslin for a fabric that is delightfully soft and gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin, no matter how often you use it to wipe away drool, spit-up and more.

3. Pick from a range of adorable reversible prints
Apart from your little one’s adorable toothless smile, you know what else will bring a smile to your face when you’re cleaning messes all day long? Our adorable prints. Choose from our range of gorgeous prints and colours. What’s more? This cute-as-can-be reversible bib & burp cloth has 2 beautiful prints on either side.

4. Far more absorbent and fast-drying than cotton
Not only is this 6-layer bib & burp cloth softer than you can imagine, it’s also extra-absorbent and fast-drying, making it perfect for keeping your little one clean & dry.

5. Long-lasting fabric that gets softer with every wash
Don’t let their cuteness distract you from the fact that these practical & machine washable baby burp cloths cum bibs were designed for long-term use. In fact, our bamboo muslin bibs actually get softer with every wash.

6. Hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial fabric
Bamboo is one of the best fabrics for your baby’s skin for a number of reasons. One such reason is that it’s a naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic fabric, which makes it ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin, protecting them from fabric-related rashes and other skin issues.

7. Generously sized
This perfectly sized baby bib/burp cloth is perfectly sized for babies from 0 months all the way to 36 months, and can be easily used as a newborn bib or as your little one grows.

8. Designed to make all the messy moments a whole lot more fun
Messes will come and go, but don’t forget to pause and savor all the sweet moments along the way! We hope we can make your journey a little more fun and stress-free.

Those are all the reasons why this must-have essential is one of the best baby bibs/burp cloths you’ll come across!

Click here to explore our 2-in-1 Baby Burp Cloths cum Bibs and other must-have essentials from our Super Soft Muslin Collection!

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