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Super Soft Muslin Accessories: A Magical Collection for Little Ones

Super Soft Muslin Accessories: A Magical Collection for Little Ones

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More than a year ago, when we took to the drawing board to design our new collection of baby essentials, we couldn’t have been more excited. With YOU as our inspiration, we had a magical vision of what this collection would FEEL like and the simplest way to describe that feeling is “Unmatched Softness”!

Flash-forward almost two years and a global pandemic - we’ve had to alter our plans a bit and it took a little longer than expected to launch this collection of newborn baby essentials that we are so proud of! But here it is finally, in all its glory – and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you! This pioneering feat is the result of a long-term collective commitment by all our teams at Softsens Baby HQ and our partners!

Here’s presenting the new Softsens Super Soft Muslin Collection - a unique bamboo-muslin range of newborn baby accessories that is love at first touch, if we may say so ourselves!

What is Super Soft Muslin?

Our Super Soft Muslin Range is an exquisite collection of everyday baby essentials that are designed to feel as soft & tender as a mother’s touch!

We promise we weren’t exaggerating when we decided to call it the SUPER SOFT collection. It’s a fabric that you have to actually FEEL to believe. We could have called it the incredibly-ridiculously-unbelievably-delightfully SOFT collection, but Super Soft just has a better ring to it. 😊

Super Soft Muslin Collection Softsens 1

What makes this fabric different?

  • Softsens Super Soft Muslin was crafted by combining the sought-after softness of 100% bamboo viscose with the light, open weave of breathable muslin, to create a fabric that is truly unlike any other!

  • Thoughtfully designed & inspired by sustainable living, the Super Soft Muslin Collection will surpass all your previous expectations of softness

  • A gentle, safe, natural, non-toxic fabric that protects baby’s skin from fabric-related rashes & skin worries!

  • Luxuriously soft, breathable, extra absorbent, moisture wicking, odor-resistant, UV protective and naturally antibacterial

  • The light, open muslin weave prevents over-heating, while the multiple layers ensure that your baby remains cozy & snug!

  • A premium, environmentally-friendly fabric that gets softer with each wash

Prints with a Dash of Whimsy and a Whole Lot of Magic

With a fabric so wonderful, our next challenge was to come up with prints that you’d instantly fall in love with!

So, we designed a range of beautiful & whimsical prints that are inspired by some of life’s most joyful things - nature, childhood memories and a mother’s gentle, comforting presence.

Click below to discover each of our oh-so-adorable (and Insta-worthy) prints that we hope you’ll love as much as we do!


The Dreamcatcher
A print that whispers ‘dreams really do come true’ as you hold your tiny miracle close to your heart.

Cotton Clouds
Soft, billowing cotton clouds that evoke feelings of peace & serenity.

Secret Garden
A medley of the most beautiful flowers in gentle, soothing colours for your tiny angel.

Safari Dreams
A fun, bold & adventurous print to reflect your little one’s vibrant personality.

A Colour Story
The perfect blend of soft, calming colours that are incredibly soothing to the senses.

Meet the Collection

And finally, it’s time to explore the must-have baby essentials that make up our Super Soft Muslin Collection. Right from baby swaddles to bibs to hooded towels and more, we’ve got a range of Super Soft Muslin Essentials for your baby’s every activity.

4-layer Sleep Bags

Your little one is sure to have the sweetest dreams in this cozy & ultra-lightweight sleeping bag that features 4 layers of super-soft bamboo viscose. One of the best lightweight sleeping bags for your baby, it’s designed to prevent any overheating or sweating, and features a practical top-to-bottom zipper for quick nighttime changes, a comfortable neck opening, and enough wiggle room for your tiny sweetheart.

Baby Swaddle Blankets

Our delightfully soft, incredibly light, breathable, durable & versatile baby swaddles actually get softer with each wash! These perfectly-sized swaddle wraps for babies can even be used as nursing covers, burp cloths, toddler sheets, or can even be repurposed into a pretty accessory for Mumma later on.

Hooded Towels

Crafted from super-soft natural bamboo fibers with an absorbent terry cloth fabric on the inside and a cozy hood for keeping those little heads warm, these adorable baby hooded towels are so gentle on your little one’s delicate skin, making them a bath-time must-have!

Reversible 6-layer Baby Blankets

The perfect all-season blanket for your little ones! This lightweight, breathable and super soft baby blanket allows for easy airflow to prevent overheating, and features 6 layers of incredibly-soft bamboo viscose for maximum comfort.

Waterproof Bibs

Cleaning up drool, spit-up, and all other messes is so much easier with our water-resistant Bibs that feature an adjustable snap closure and an inner waterproof layer. Super-soft, super-absorbent, durable, functional, these beautiful bibs are extra gentle on your baby’s innocent skin.

2x1 Burp cloth cum Bibs

A bib AND a burp cloth? That’s correct. Our super-soft & extra-absorbent Reversible 2-in-1 Bib & Burp cloth can be easily draped around baby’s shoulders or even over your own shoulder to catch all those inevitable baby messes.

There it is! All the must-have accessories your baby needs, in 1 gorgeous collection.

Shop the entire collection here!

We can’t wait for you and your little ones to experience #SuperSoftness. Go ahead and explore our newborn baby shop to make this beautiful collection yours. PS: Tag us @Softsens in your pictures/videos for a chance to get featured on our social channels.


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