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7 Reasons Why 100% GOTS Certified Cotton Onesies are the Perfect Baby Essential

7 Reasons Why 100% GOTS Certified Cotton Onesies are the Perfect Baby Essential

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When it comes to dressing your baby, the three most important tick-off boxes are comfort, quality and practicality. Baby bodysuits, better known as ‘onesies’, check off all of the above! Here’s seven reasons why we’re huge fans of this must-have baby essential:

1. Less is more
When it comes to newborn baby clothing, it’s best to stick to the basics. The truth is that tiny babies don’t really do much besides eat, sleep, poop, repeat – you get the drift. Babies also outgrow clothes at an alarming rate. That’s why splurging on a ton of clothes for newborns is not quite necessary. A onesie is the perfect every day outfit for your little one, at this stage.

2. Onesies make it possible to change your baby quickly & easily
You’d be surprised at the amount of times you have to change your baby’s diapers daily. Most onesies have snaps at the leg opening, which makes it super easy to change your baby quickly.

3. They’re light, breathable and make for easy movement
Since your baby will spend maximum time in this outfit, it’s important that it is light, breathable and flexible. Softsens Baby Bodysuits with their simple short sleeves are designed using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton that is ultra-soft, super-comfortable and lightweight, keeping your baby cozy at all times. The soft fabric is also easily stretchable and takes the shape of your baby for maximum comfort.

4. Babies Skin Is Sensitive and Prone to Allergies
Baby’s skin is very delicate, making it especially sensitive to environmental pollutants and chemicals which may cause irritated, inflamed skin conditions like Eczema. By choosing organic cotton clothing over conventional cotton, you are reducing/minimizing the chance of allergic reactions and skin irritations because you know there’s no way that the numerous toxic chemicals used in the production processes are getting anywhere near to your little one.

5. Perfect for all occasions
Onesies are the perfect day-to-night outfit. You can use basic-coloured onesies for every day wear and something a little more fun for special occasions. Team them with a pair of leggings or a skirt for girls. For boys, mix them up with a pair of cute jeans or pants. They also work as jammies for your little cutie at night!

6. They work as a great base for layering
When you need to layer your baby’s clothing during cooler weather, start with the onesie and build on top of that. That’ll make sure your little one stays snug and comfortable beneath all those layers.

7. They’re ridiculously cute
Let’s be honest – there aren’t many things cuter than a baby in a onesie! Plus, you can choose from a variety of onesies in cute colours, patterns or even ones with funny sayings on them. The choices are endless.

The Softsens collection of 100% GOTS Certified Baby Bodysuits are inspired by Moms like you and are designed for maximum style, fun and comfort of your baby! Click here to shop online from our latest collection and make sure your little one is the trendiest tot in town!

Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us why you love onesies too!

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