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My Wonderful World: The Inspiration behind our New Collection

My Wonderful World: The Inspiration behind our New Collection

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When was the last time you took a moment to simply stop, look around and appreciate our great big world? From the beautiful blue skies above us, to the deep blue oceans; from nature’s stunning creations to the magnificent creatures that roam the earth – we are simply in awe of this world we live in. So, when we had to pick a theme for our 2018 baby & toddler apparel collection, we knew exactly what it would be. Inspired by our wonderful world, our new range is perfect for your tiny little ones who are just beginning to explore and discover the world around them.

That’s not all. As much as our collection is designed to delight, it is also designed to help create awareness on the importance of safeguarding our beautiful world. While we appreciate its beauty, we must also be aware of the impact that we have on the planet through our actions. And that is what this collection is all about.

Here are some of the reasons why we were inspired to create the Wonderful World collection:

1. To help create environmental awareness and encourage mindful choices
Today, we look around and are appalled by what’s happening around us. Forests are being depleted, wildlife is being destroyed, and oceans are being polluted in the name of progress. All this, while we sit on the sidelines and watch quietly. It’s time for us to take responsibility for our actions and to make choices that will positively impact our planet. How can we do this, you ask? By making smart, mindful choices on a daily basis. Here are some ideas to help you get started: use water carefully, switch off the lights every time you leave a room, recycle whenever possible, opt for sustainable clothing, go paperless as far as possible, or plant a tree. Another way we can contribute is by paying attention to what we are purchasing. Do a little research and try and buy sustainable goods from companies that are committed to environmental protection. Each of us can play our part in saving the world and our choices can truly make a difference.

2. To help teach little ones about our wonderful world
It’s never too early to begin teaching children about our great big world! Our 2018 apparel collection is filled with bright and beautiful prints that are designed to help introduce your little one to concepts such as nature, wildlife, our oceans and space and so on. These colorful prints are also designed to engage their senses and evoke feelings of joy and fun!

3. To grow our business in a sustainable manner
At Softsens, we are firm believers that growth MUST BE sustainable. All our products are sourced in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner. We use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in creating our apparel and accessories, thus contributing to a better environment and lessening our carbon footprint. We know that in this fight to protect our planet, every little bit counts!

Click on the link below, to know more about organic cotton and why it’s a great choice for you and your family!
Why Organic Cotton is a Great Choice for your Baby!

4. To promote safe farming and a healthier environment through the use of organic cotton
Did you know that approximately 10% of the pesticides used on cotton crops actually accomplish their job and the rest end up in the air and water supply? As organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals, it is more environment-friendly. It promotes healthy livelihoods as farmers are not exposed to toxic chemicals in the field or through their food and water supply. When you choose organic cotton, you are promoting healthier and safer farming practices and helping the fight against climate change, ultimately building a better world for your little ones!

We hope this inspires you to create positive and mindful changes in your daily life too. Introduce your little explorer to our Wonderful World with the SoftsensBaby 2018 Baby & Toddler Apparel Collection, made from the finest sustainable and organic fabric, to ensure the best in care and comfort for your little one.

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