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8 Things Moms Really Want for Christmas

8 Things Moms Really Want for Christmas

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8 Things Moms Really Want for Christmas

This holiday season, we wanted to put together the perfect gifting guide for all you lovely Moms. After all, no one deserves to be pampered more than you do. So, we did our research and spoke to a few wonderful Mummies to find out what it is that Moms really want this Christmas. And it turns out that most of the items on this list can’t be bought BUT are pretty easy to give. So, Dads and kids, we hope you’re taking notes. Here’s what Mom would really like this Christmas:

1. Breakfast in bed is an adorable idea BUT what we really want is to sleep in once a week without being disturbed by anything/anyone, unless it’s an emergency. And no, it’s not an emergency if you can’t find your sock or if your sister isn’t sharing her toys.

2. Obviously, after that lovely sleep-in, we’d also really like to have our morning cup of tea in peace, while it’s STILL hot. If it’s not too much to ask for, we hope that becomes a daily occurrence. We’ve never really been fans of iced tea.

3. Okay, we know this might sound like a tough one, but we’d be thrilled if someone (anyone) would LISTEN to us when we talk. Having to repeat the same request 20 times before it’s complied with is not exactly our idea of fun.

4. We’re not sure when exactly it became acceptable to leave empty chocolate wrappers and empty snack bags on the kitchen counter, but let’s vow to discontinue that trend this Christmas, okay? After all, it isn’t a very long walk to the trash can.

5. Want to treat us to the perfect evening? Just leave us alone on the couch with some pizza, a glass of wine and FULL control of the remote. No sharing – we mean it!

6. Feel free to take over our chores whenever you like. Sharing is caring, after all. Now, who wants to fold the laundry?

7. Can we get just ONE family photo this Christmas with perfect smiles and poses? No crying, hair pulling or angry faces.

8. Our love for you is unconditional, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to be appreciated now and then. Even a simple thank-you once in a while will suffice.

And finally, no matter what you really give Mom this Christmas, she’s going to love it because it came from YOU – her favourite people in the whole wide world. Just make sure you wrap it in lots of cuddles and kisses.

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