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6 Easy & Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations

6 Easy & Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations

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6 Easy & Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations

One of the best things about Christmas is getting together as a family and decorating your home in red, white, green, gold, silver and massive amounts of tinsel. When it comes to decorating, we think that it’s all the small touches that really help give your home a festive glow. So, read on for our favourite ideas on how to create beautiful yet easy DIY Christmas decorations that everyone will admire!

1. Cinnamon-covered Candles

Got some old candles lying around? Repurpose them for the festive season with this simple trick. All you need are a bunch of cinnamon sticks and some pretty ribbons. Measure the cinnamon sticks to fit the height of your candle and cut them all to the same size if required. Using a glue gun, glue the cinnamon sticks around your candle. Tie a festive ribbon around them and voila – your cinnamon-covered candles are ready to be displayed. If you don’t possess a glue gun, another simple way to attach your cinnamon sticks is by holding them together with a large elastic band. Cover the band with twine or ribbons and you’re all set.

6 Easy & Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations

2. Book Stack Christmas Tree

Move over, old-fashioned Christmas trees! A book stack Christmas tree is what you really need this holiday season. Check out this adorable DIY book stack tree designed by @30somethinglife. First, raid your bookshelf and put together a whole bunch of books in different shapes and sizes. Try and pick books that represent the colours of Christmas, such as red, green, gold, white and so on. Start by placing the heavier, larger books at the bottom for support and slowly work your way up. Place the books with their spines jutting out at an angle so it creates a tree-like effect. Once you are done with your book arrangement, make sure it’s sturdy. Next, drape your Christmas lights around the books. Finish decorating your tree with a star or any other ornament of your choice.

6 Easy & Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations

Picture credit:@30somethinglife

3. Orange Pomander Balls

6 Easy & Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations

This is one that’s super easy and quick to make as well. Gather up a handful of oranges and cloves and get creative. You can even turn these balls into a unique candle holder. Click here to read this great tutorial for Orange Pomander Balls by Simple Bites.

4. Snowman Bowls

We’re not sure who will love these snowman balls more – the adults or the kids! Fill up a clear glass or plastic bowl with white Styrofoam balls, marshmallows or some kind of white candy. Cut out the snowman’s eyes, nose and mouth from felt paper and stick it on the bowl. Stick candy canes or any kind of colourful candy sticks in it and your snowman ball is ready for Christmas. If you’re using Styrofoam balls, make sure you keep the bowl away from small kids so that they don’t mistakenly ingest any. The safest bet is to use something that’s edible.

6 Easy & Beautiful ODIY Christmas Decorations

5. Origami Christmas Tree
Fill your home with these beautiful origami Christmas trees that can be made easily using just paper and a pair of scissors. Make them in red and green to add a little colour to your home. Click here for a great tutorial on how to make your own!

6 Easy & Beautiful ODIY Christmas Decorations

6. Handmade Christmas Ornaments
Making your own Christmas ornaments is a wonderful family tradition. Turn on the Christmas carols, put out some mugs of hot chocolate and make it a day to remember. We love this awesome tutorial by Fun Thrifty Mom!

6 Easy & Beautiful ODIY Christmas Decorations

Happy Decorating, everyone. Leave a message telling us how you’ll be decorating your home this Christmas or send us pictures of your decorations!.

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