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8 Most Bizarre Things People Say When You’re Pregnant

8 Most Bizarre Things People Say When You’re Pregnant

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8 Most Bizarre Things People Say When You’re Pregnant

When you tell your family and friends you’re expecting a baby, suddenly everyone becomes an expert on what you should and shouldn’t do. And while we all appreciate good, well-meaning advice, there are some people whose advice simply defies all logic and common sense. So we asked our Softsens community about the weirdest advice they received whilst pregnant, and here are some of their answers. Get those tissues out, folks. We promise you’ll be crying with laughter.

1. This scientifically-approved method of conceiving twins

“I was told that if I ate a twin fruit, then I would have twins!”
- Sabari D.

2. We’re scratching our (big) heads in confusion over this one.

“Don't drink coconut water. If you do, your child will have a very big head.”
- Dharmista M.

3. You are what you eat! (Or in this case, your child’s complexion depends entirely on what you eat)

“Avoid eating dark vegetables and fruits or your baby will have a dark complexion.”
- Ruchi S.

4. The actual definition of a sticky situation!

“If you eat sabudana (sago) in high quantities, your child will become sticky inside your womb.”
- Shilpa M.

5. Who needs a doctor when you can get free advice like this?

“The weirdest advice I got during my first pregnancy was not to inform or let others know (including husband) when you get labour pain. The more people that know about your pain, the longer your labour lasts and the greater is your labour pain.”
- Tasneem K.

6. Nuts about ‘Nariyal’

“After my first delivery that took place in the month of December, everyone told me that your child keeps catching a cold because you drank a lot of coconut water while you were pregnant. I am expecting my second baby now and I continue to drink coconut water despite what they say.”
- Sanya K.

7. This one went STRAIGHT through our heads!

“I was told not to drink water while standing as the water goes directly to the baby’s liver.”
- Swati A.

8. Don’t get your knickers in a knot

“The weirdest advice I received during my pregnancy was that I shouldn’t tie my pants/bottom wear tight around my stomach as this would give my baby a mark line on her head and it could also affect the shape of her nose.”
- Shivani G.

Have you heard any of these too? Share the funniest advice you received while you were pregnant!

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