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Cleaning Hacks for New Parents

Cleaning Hacks for New Parents

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Cleaning Hacks for New Parents

If you’re a new parent, these cleaning hacks will be your new best friends!

Here’s the truth, parents. Cleaning hacks weren’t invented for the lazy, they were invented for people with babies. That’s right – in addition to giving round-the-clock undivided attention to a tiny human, you have to clean the house too (sometimes). To help make this a whole lot easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ‘tried & tested’ cleaning and organizing hacks for parents.

1. It’s easier to clean up a mess when you have a designated place for everything. A basket for remotes/ magazines, boxes/organizers for your child’s toys, shelves for books, drawers for quick snacks, and so on. If everything has its own specific place, you’ll lose less time figuring out where to stow away the mess.

2. Always keep a pack of baby wipes within arm’s reach (one in every room?). Yes, they’re great for cleaning your baby’s skin, but they also work just as well to clean up sticky surfaces, small spills, dirty toys, pacifiers and other messes. We recommend our extra-thick and extra-absorbent premium cloth Softsens Baby Wipes for non-baby messes too! You can buy them or any of our other baby care products online at:

3. You probably know by now that babies will put anything in their mouths. So, keep their favourite toys clean, fresh and bacteria-free by putting them in a laundry mesh bag and throwing them in the washing machine occasionally.

4. If you have a pet, you probably spend a lot of time cleaning their hair off various surfaces. An easy way to do this is to put on a pair of rubber gloves, wet them a little and swipe them over your furniture. For wood and other furniture that should not get wet, use dry rubber gloves to pick up the hair.

5. Want to clean your ceiling fans without making a mess? Take an old pillow case, cover each of the blades with it one at a time, press and slide it out to clean dust in a jiffy. (We’re certainly fans of this tip!)

6. Getting ready for work AND feeding/burping your baby at the same time? Make sure you don’t get puke or food on your clothes by wearing an old dressing gown over your clothes.

7. Too many baby care products and not enough place? Store your baby products in a big basket and roll it under the bed or your baby’s crib so that it is always close by when you need it but doesn’t clutter your space at the same time.

8. Clean water stains by rubbing a cut lemon over them and then wiping dry.

9. Vomit stains, spit stains, crayon stains, coffee stains – you’d be amazed at the variety of stains your small family can produce. One way to clean these stains off your sofa, clothes, walls or other surfaces is with a toothbrush and a little baking soda. Does the trick every time!

10. Always store an old toothbrush with your cleaning equipment. This is extremely useful for those annoying nooks and corners that you can’t get to with regular cleaning brushes.

11. Kitchen sinks are home to a host of bacteria. Even if you don’t have a lot of time for cleaning, make sure you sanitize this area well. In addition to cleaning it with a sponge and dish soap, you can also scrub the sink with vinegar which is a natural disinfectant. Vinegar is also great for cleaning a messy microwave.

12. Your kitchen sponges may look clean but they need to be disinfected often too. Simply zap them in the microwave for a minute to get rid of over 90% of the germs.

13. Hang your baby’s bibs on hooks on the backside of their high chair for easy access and storage.

14. As hard as you may try to close the door gently, the act of shutting a door by itself is a surefire way to wake up a sleeping baby. One way to avoid this is to fold a small cloth and tie it across the latches from both sides so that the door doesn’t make a sound when you shut it.

15. Baby shampoo is useful for Mom too! Makeup brushes and hair brushes can be cleaned easily with baby shampoo! Simply wash, rinse and let them dry completely.

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