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5 Helpful Tips on Getting Back into Shape after Childbirth

5 Helpful Tips on Getting Back into Shape after Childbirth

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5 Helpful Tips on Getting Back into Shape after Childbirth

While the arrival of a new baby can turn your normal routine upside-down, it’s always important to take out some time to care of your own self too. We know what you’re thinking, Moms! It’s easier said than done, right? While getting your body back into shape post-partum is anything but easy, here’s a few helpful tips that you can follow on a daily basis to shed those extra pounds.

1. Take it slow and easy
Your body is amazing and it has been through a lot. Give it time to repair itself. Don’t be in a hurry to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape. Enjoy this wonderful phase with your new family and take it one step at a time. If you’ve had a caesarean delivery, your doctor will advise you to give your body at least six weeks or so to heal properly. A lot of women also experience separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) post-delivery. In such cases, doctors will generally advise you to be careful when you exercise and to give your muscles time to heal. You can also do certain prescribed exercises while you are pregnant to strengthen your abdominal muscles and prevent it from happening.

2. Simply get out there and walk
Walking is the best form of exercise for new moms. Start with shorter walks and slowly increase your distance and pace. Walking helps you work on your core muscles which become weaker after a birth. It’ll also give you a chance to get out and get some fresh air and some time on your own. While walking, always wear the right shoes, maintain a good walking posture and keep yourself hydrated.

3. Breastfeed, if possible
While we understand that not all new Moms can breastfeed, breastfeeding can naturally help you shed weight. Breastfeeding moms burn between 300 to 500 calories in a day. Even though you will need to eat more calories a day while you are breastfeeding, weight loss can still occur.

4. Keep yourself well-hydrated
After your delivery, your body will shed most of the water retained during pregnancy. It’s very important to keep yourself hydrated at this time, and more so if you’re breastfeeding. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times and keep sipping.

5. Try and get enough sleep
We know that this seems like the hardest advice to follow but it is very important. Give your body rest and sleep whenever your baby sleeps. Get your partner to help out as much as possible so that you can get rest too. Erratic sleeping patterns can contribute to weight gain and slow down your metabolism.

6. Avoid processed foods and eat healthy
Dieting is a big NO-NO at this point, but you can adopt more healthy eating habits by cutting out fast foods and processed foods and filling your pantry with healthy snacks. Whole grain bread and cereals, fruits & vegetables, eggs, breakfast smoothies are all great options to keep your cravings in check.

Above all, give your body a well-deserved break and celebrate it. Share your tips & tricks with us below. We’d love to hear from you!

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