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The Inspiration behind our Bamboo Essentials Colour Palette

The Inspiration behind our Bamboo Essentials Colour Palette

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What is a colour palette and why does it matter?

A colour palette can be broadly defined as the range of colours used in a visual medium. Although we may not always realize it, colours play a huge role in our daily lives. The colours that we choose to surround ourselves with, whether through our clothes or our other belongings, play an important part in influencing our behaviour and our emotions. Often, the colours we wear are reflective of our mood on that particular day. However, this can be different for different folks as colour preferences are heavily influenced by one’s cultural background and other experiences. But there are certain colours that evoke a common feeling amongst all of us. For example: red is a colour that inspires vibrance, excitement and energy, a colour that commands attention. Similarly, other colours too evoke certain feelings.

Our Design Process

At Softsens, we love designing clothes for your little ones. Whether it’s choosing the fabric or the style or incorporating features that make dressing your baby easy and practical. We also believe that choosing the right colours for your baby’s wardrobe can make a positive difference. For example, when we’re designing clothes that are meant to be worn at playtime, we often gravitate towards colours are fun, vibrant and exciting. If we’re designing bedtime clothes, naturally we’d pick colours that are more relaxing, calming and soothing.

About Softsens Baby Newborn Bamboo Essentials

Our Newborn Bamboo Essentials range is made from luxuriously soft, naturally antibacterial and thermo-regulating organic Bamboo Fabric! The range consists of adorably stylish swaddle wraps, beanies, booties and combo sets for your baby in sizes from 0-12 months.

Our thoughtfully designed Organic Bamboo products are made from a miracle blend of Bamboo fabric and elastane, for maximum comfort, care and cuteness. When designing this collection, we also had a very specific colour palette in mind. Let’s find out more about the inspiration behind the colours.

Colours that Comfort & Soothe

As parents, we comfort our babies in various ways – whether it’s feeding them, holding them close, rocking them or massaging them. After all, a happy, calm and relaxed baby = a happy and relaxed parent. Hence it can help to be mindful of the impact that colours can have on your baby’s mood and emotions. Colours matter, more than you can imagine.

Our newborn bamboo essentials collection features colours that soothe, comfort and delight the senses. While designing the collection, we were inspired by the soft, light and breathable nature of bamboo fibre and how it feels on one’s skin. Here are the three colours that make up our collection and how they can help impact the way you and your baby feel.


Fresh and light, this shade of yellow is bright and cheery, just how you want your baby to be. While it inspires feelings of warmth and energy, this particular share of yellow is also mild, gentle and subdued, making it soothing to the eyes. Perfect for your baby’s playtime, for winding down at the end of a long day, or for bedtime.

Pineapple slice


A treat to the eyes and the perfect shade of pink for your little angel. Coral blush borrows the delicate and joyful notes of pink without being overly bright or overwhelming. Studies have shown that the right shade of pink can actually have a calming effect on one’s mood. It is a colour that symbolizes softness, vibrance, love and happiness. Tuck your little sweetheart into bed, dressed in this adorable shade of pink.

Coral Blush


A bluish-green hue that reminds us of the ocean – calm, cool and beautiful. It is no wonder that most people choose blue as their favourite colour. According to colour experts, blue generates feelings of relaxation and serenity. It represents peace, calm, beauty and comfort. Teal is a shade of blue that people are instantly drawn to due to its fresh and light hues. We promise you and your baby will fall in love with this shade too!

Aquifer Teal

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