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Softsens Summer Shopping Guide

Softsens Summer Shopping Guide

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Baby with Softsens Summer products

From sun & rash protection to gentle & breathable clothing and more, here’s your complete guide to baby skincare & clothing this summer.

1. Sun Protection for your Baby and the whole family

Sun protection is a must, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. UV rays are strongest in the summer, and sunburn can easily occur even on a cloudy day or if you’re indoors.

Prevent sunburn and safely protect skin from the sun with our SPF30 water-resistant Sunblock Lotion that provides broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection for delicate skin, and is specially formulated with mild ingredients so that you can safely use it on your baby, yourself and your whole family. Lightweight, oil -free & fast-absorbing, it is enriched with Vitamin E, avocado & carrot extracts to protect and moisturize skin, & powerful Zinc Oxide that serves as a protective barrier between skin and the sun’s rays.

Click here to read our blog on – 8 Reasons why your baby needs sunblock too. Get our SPF30 Sunblock Lotion here.

Softsens Sun Protection Cream for whole family

2. Gentle Organic cotton Essentials

Organic cotton is one of the best summer fabrics for your little ones. Organic cotton is grown without any pesticides and chemicals, making it really gentle & safe on your child’s skin. Organic cotton fibers are also extremely soft, breathable, absorbent and perfect for summer. That’s why we used it to design our collection of fun, colourful, & cute clothing for babies & kids.

Choose from our beautiful range of kids summer clothing that includes GOTS-certified Organic Cotton onesies, t-shirts, shorts, dresses and much more.

Softsens Baby Organic Cotton Essentials

3. Diapering & Travel essentials

Redness & heat rashes are more commonly seen in babies during the summer. However, you can prevent skin inflammations and irritation with the right baby skincare products. Here are some summer skincare must-haves for your little ones.

Diaper Rash Cream: The summer heat tends to cause excessive moisture accumulation in and around the diaper region, causing diaper rash to appear more frequently. Prevent baby diaper rash by using a mild diaper rash cream at every change. Softsens Natural Diaper Rash Cream is a skin-soothing formula that’s enriched with zinc oxide and 6 powerful natural ingredients, designed to provide rapid relief from painful nappy rashes, skin redness & inflammation.

Baby Powder: Our mildly-formulated Baby Powder also helps absorb excess moisture & sweat from baby’s delicate skin, leaving it cool, dry and happy. This gentle baby powder can be used on newborns too and can help prevent prickly heat, keeping your baby much more comfortable in summertime.

Baby Wipes: Keep your baby’s skin fresh, clean, soft & healthy by wiping away sweat, drool & grime with our gentle, all-natural and extra-absorbent cloth baby wet wipes that safely care for your baby’s skin from top to toe. These hypoallergenic & dermatologically-tested baby wet wipes are infused with moisturizing lotion, hydrating jojoba oil and cooling aloe vera to cleanse, soothe and soften skin.

Baby Travel Kit: Our All-in-One Baby Bundle has 13-must-have baby skincare essentials packaged perfectly in 1 practical travel kit, so that you can protect and care for your little one’s skin, no matter where you are.

Softsens Baby Diapering & Travel essentials

4. Breathable Bamboo Basics

There’s so many reasons why our range of bamboo baby essentials are perfect for summer and here are just a few of them:

  • Soft like silk; stronger & more absorbent than cotton

  • Moisture wicking and odor-resistant fabric

  • Thermo-regulating & breathable fabric, perfect for keeping baby cozy & cool

  • Naturally antibacterial and UV protectant, ideal for babies with extra sensitive & eczema-prone skin

Click here to discover our range of bamboo onesies, tops, bottoms, footies, rompers, swaddles, beanies, booties & more.

Softsens Baby Breathable Bamboo Basics

5. Hydrating Bath-time essentials
In summer, it’s essential to choose mild cleansers for your baby’s skin that will gently cleanse without stripping skin of its natural oils, and leave it fresh, soft and well-hydrated. Our range of baby bath & skin essentials is designed to do just that, making bath-time fun & stress-free.

Discover our safe, hypoallergenic & paraben-free baby bath-time essentials here.

Softsens Baby Hydrating Bath-time essentials

6. Soft-as-a-cloud Muslin essentials

Our muslin swaddles are a summertime must-have! The ultra-light & breathable muslin fabric is so gentle on your baby’s delicate skin, and prevents overheating or sweating, while keeping your baby cool and comfortable.

Discover our range of GOTS-certified organic muslin cotton swaddles & bibs that are loved by moms & babies.

Softsens Baby Soft-as-a-cloud Muslin essentials

7.Moisturizing Sorbet for adults

Ever heard of an ice-cream sorbet? Our Moisturizing Body Sorbet is the skincare equivalent of the delicious ice-cream sorbet. This buttery yet super lightweight & non-greasy body moisturizer effortlessly melts into your skin, leaving it softer, smoother and beautifully-scented, thus making it the perfect summer moisturizer.

Enriched with natural oils of almond, olive, wheat germ & mango butter, and a tropical allergen-free fragrance that’ll tingle your senses, our sorbet helps boost
collagen formation, improve skin elasticity and helps maintain an even skin tone.

Get our ultra-light & moisturizing Body Sorbet here!

Softsens Baby Moisturizing Sorbet for adults

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