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7 Amazing Benefits of Massaging your Baby Daily

7 Amazing Benefits of Massaging your Baby Daily

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A daily massage or ‘maalish’ for babies is an age-old practice that has countless benefits for both you and your little one, from strengthening your baby’s immunity to helping with tummy problems and much more. Make sure you use a gentle, hypoallergenic and paraben-free baby oil such as Softsens Calming Baby Massage Oil, that is designed to soothe, hydrate and protect your baby’s skin. Let’s take a look at some ways in which a daily massage can benefit your infant.

1. Helps stimulate digestion and can improve baby’s bowel movements
Tummy problems such as gassiness and constipation can leave baby uncomfortable and distressed. Massaging your baby in the right manner can quickly aid digestion and relieve gassiness to help your baby feel better. According to studies, a regular infant massage has also shown great results in helping babies with colic.(Click here to read our blog on how to soothe colicky babies)

Tip: To help with tummy aches, give your baby a stomach massage by placing him/her on the back and massaging the belly in circular strokes bringing your hands downwards at every turn. This can help in relieving gas pockets. Another technique is to massage outwards from the centre of baby’s belly with one hand on either side. You could also try slowly bending baby’s knees and bringing them up to your baby’s belly and back and then repeating the motion.

2. Improves blood circulation
A proper massage can also help increase blood flow to muscles and is greatly beneficial to your baby’s growth and development. Applying gentle strokes towards the heart can increase blood flow and get your baby to become more alert and focused. However, when you want baby to go to sleep, apply strokes in the opposite direction, i.e. away from the heart to help them relax.

Tip: Get your little one’s hands and legs moving during your baby’s daily massage. Gently move their limbs in a circular motion and watch as your baby responds with glee!

3. Helps baby sleep better and *fingers crossed* longer
Adding a massage to your baby’s bedtime routine can help them sleep soundly and for longer, leaving both you and baby happy and relaxed. Softsens Calming Baby Massage Oil is infused with gentle natural oils, Vitamin E and a mild fragrance to soothe both your baby’s skin and senses, helping them sleep peacefully and comfortably.

4. Can accelerate development in preterm babies
Studies suggest that a daily infant massage can actually be very beneficial for preterm babies. It can help them gain weight faster and also help in their overall growth & development.

5. Helps relieve congestion
An infant massage not only helps strengthen immunity (which means fewer colds & coughs), but it can also help relieve chest and nasal congestion when your baby is ill. You can also use a baby massage oil daily in winter to help keep baby warm & cozy.
Tip: To help loosen phlegm and clear a congested chest, use your fingertips to massage your baby’s chest and upper back in heart-shaped strokes. To relieve nasal congestion, use your fingertips to gently rub on either side of nose in an up and down motion. Make sure you don’t get too close to baby’s eyes.
*When your baby is unwell, he/she might be very uncomfortable and may not necessarily like to be massaged. Watch baby for cues so that massage-time is comfortable for both you and your little one.

6. Strengthens bones
A regular full body massage can help strengthen baby’s bones and muscles and thus enhances motor skills and movement. Apply a few drops of Softsens Calming Massage Oil on your palms and rub them together before you giving baby a head to toe massage. This lightweight oil easily absorbs into your baby’s skin and doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue. Made from mild and gentle ingredients, it is the perfect newborn baby massage oil.

7. Helps soothe baby and creates a feeling of security
This daily skin-to-skin interaction not only helps your little one feel secure & safe, but also enhances parent-child bonding. A comforting infant massage helps release feel-good hormones, thus improving your baby’s mood. It is a great soothing tool and can reduce anxiousness and crankiness in babies. It also helps relieve the discomfort caused by teething pain in infants.
Tip: Gently cup your baby’s arms and legs and massage them in a downward motion away from the body. This can be extremely soothing for your little one.

What are some infant massage benefits that you’ve noticed?

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