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5 Safe & Effective Natural Ingredients to Look for in Baby Products

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Babies are born with extremely delicate & innocent skin, and it’s our job to help keep it that way. Not only is your baby’s skin much thinner than your own, but it’s also very prone to damage from environmental irritants that can leave it dry, red, inflamed or itchy. This is why you need baby skincare products that are: safe, help lock in moisture to prevent dryness, and protect & nourish their sensitive skin. Products that are made without the use of parabens and are free of harmful ingredients.

At Softsens, we focus on making mild, gentle and effective skincare products for your baby that pass the highest safety assurance standards. We only use ingredients that are all carefully chosen, tested and vetted by experts.

All our skincare products are enriched with the goodness of pure & natural baby skincare ingredients. Why? Because we believe that they provide the purest, most gentle care for your baby’s delicate skin. Here are 5 of the safest and most nourishing natural ingredients to look for in baby skincare products.

Shea Butter is extracted from the nut of the Shea tree and is actually the pulp found inside the nut. This wonderful ingredient is loaded with fatty acids and Vitamins A, E & F to hydrate and protect baby’s skin. Here’s why Shea Butter is really safe for babies:

  • Gently soothes & heals damaged or inflamed skin
  • Moisturizes skin deeply without clogging pores
  • Possesses antifungal properties that can help heal skin irritations
  • Perfect for extremely dry, delicate skin
  • Has natural SPF
  • Safe & gentle on sensitive skin

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Milk cream aka ‘malai’ is one of nature’s best moisturizers and the perfect ingredient for your baby’s dry and delicate skin. Here’s why we love milk cream for baby skincare:

  • Gently cleanses & nourishes skin
  • Hydrates skin from deep within
  • Helps in healing skin irritations & eczema
  • Helps to improve skin tone

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Obtained from the leaves of the Aloe plant, Aloe Vera gel contains essential proteins and vitamins that are excellent for skincare. Here are some reasons why:

  • Cools & soothes inflamed, itchy skin
  • Helps in calming & clearing skin rashes in babies
  • Replenishes skin’s natural moisture
  • Gently moisturizes skin without leaving it sticky
  • Can be safely used to help heal minor cuts, burns, insect bites

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Made from the extracts of raw almonds, Almond Oil is a mild skin emollient, which makes it great for soothing and hydrating sensitive skin in babies. It is packed with fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that promote healthy & nourished skin from head to toe. Here's why it is ideal for natural baby skincare products:

  • Helps gently lock moisture in baby’s skin, leaving it soft & smooth
  • Possesses antioxidant properties that fortifies the skin barrier to help protect baby’s skin from damage
  • Provides relief for and soothes dry, dehydrated, damaged skin
  • Can help in the treatment of diaper rash in babies
  • Ideal for babies with eczema and dry, itchy skin

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Pronounced as Ho-ho-ba, Jojoba oil is derived from the seeds of the jojoba plant and is commonly used in baby products due to its myriad skin benefits. Jojoba butter is a rich creamy blend of jojoba oil and natural waxes. It is a common baby cream and baby lotion ingredient. Here’s why we love Jojoba in skincare:

  • This natural skin humectant seals in moisture and is quickly absorbed by the skin
  • Possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties that can heal irritated skin
  • Excellent ingredient for diaper rash treatment in babies
  • Works as a natural skin barrier to protect skin from environmental irritants
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Provides gentle and long-lasting skin nourishment and hydration
  • Naturally heals damaged skin

FIND IT IN: Softsens Baby Skincare Wipes, Softsens Baby Diaper Rash Cream

Go ahead and pamper your baby’s skin with the goodness of these safe, natural baby skincare ingredients.

It is worth noting that just like adults, some babies do have extreme sensitivity and allergies when using certain ingredients – whether those ingredients are natural or artificial. If you are aware that your baby has certain allergies or you suspect that they may, make sure you stay away from products containing those allergy-causing ingredients. If you’re unsure whether it’s an allergy or not, speak to your pediatrician to help resolve your baby’s skin problems.

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