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5 Amazing Skin Benefits of Natural Milk Cream & Shea Butter

5 Amazing Skin Benefits of Natural Milk Cream & Shea Butter

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Softsens products are enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients that care for & protect your baby’s delicate skin.

There’s nothing quite like baby skin! Soft, sweet and gentle, you almost wish it could stay that way forever. That’s why, when it comes to caring for your little one’s delicate skin, you’re always looking for products that are enriched with the safest and finest ingredients. Two such natural ingredients that we love are ‘Natural Milk Cream’ and ‘Shea Butter’. Used for baby care since olden times, these wonderful ingredients are safe, mild, nourishing and great for your baby’s skin. Softsens products like Softsens Baby Soap, Softsens Baby Cream, Softsens Baby Lotion and Softsens Baby Wash are all enriched with the natural goodness of Milk Cream and Shea Butter to keep your baby’s skin soft, supple and healthy.

Let’s find out a little more about these amazing ingredients and why they’re so great for your baby’s skin.

1. Moisturizes gently, yet very effectively
The fatty acids and natural vitamins present in Shea Butter make it an excellent moisturizer. It penetrates the skin quickly and from deep within, making sure your baby’s skin stays well-hydrated at all times. It works especially well to treat dry skin and protects the skin’s natural oils. It’s great for both baby and Mumma! Shea Butter has long been used in healing pregnancy stretch marks. Milk cream too is a gentle moisturizing agent that has been used for centuries to treat dry skin. It nourishes and softens skin and gently removes deep-seated impurities leaving skin clean and fresh.

2. Gives smooth, soft and supple skin
Shea Butter is considered to be a skin super food, that is rich in Vitamin E and A. It penetrates the skin easily, without clogging the pores, and is effective in strengthening the skin, keeping it supple and healthy. Milk cream is a rejuvenating agent and an excellent exfoliator that can help in getting rid of dead skin cells. It naturally brightens the baby’s skin making it look fresh and clean.

3. Protects against the sun & environmental pollutants
Shea Butter protects skin from sun damage and from other environmental factors. A natural healer, Milk Cream also contains nutrients that treat sunburn and dark spots.

4. Safe, non-toxic and absolutely gentle
Filled with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Shea Butter is a safe, natural and non-toxic ingredient that protects and cares for your baby’s gentle skin from head to toe. Natural milk cream popularly known as “malai” is the cream that is skimmed from top of the milk before homogenization. Natural milk cream has a smooth texture that gently softens and moisturizes the baby’s delicate skin.

5. Treats skin irritations & inflammations
Shea Butter contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that work together to cure minor skin irritations, redness or any inflammation, thus keeping your little one’s skin clear, rash-free and healthy. Milk Cream is also ideal for dealing with skin irritations and skin allergies, treating and healing skin gently.

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