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7 Kid-friendly & Healthy Summer Recipe Ideas

7 Kid-friendly & Healthy Summer Recipe Ideas

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7 Kid-friendly & Healthy Summer Recipe Ideas

Need some inspiration to whip up some creative & healthy summer foods for your kids? We’ve got you covered. Summertime is all about introducing fresh, light and healthy summer foods to the daily menu and having fun experimenting with new recipes with your family! From healthy summer breakfast/lunch recipes to light dinner ideas and quick summer snacks and more for you and your kiddos, we’ve linked all our favourite healthy summer recipes below.

1. Fun-to-eat Fruit Pops & Milkshakes
Summer is the perfect time to pack your child’s diet with a variety of delicious and healthy fruits. Get creative with your fruity preparations by experimenting with fruit popsicles and milkshakes that your kids will love trying! Get started with this easy recipe for real fruit popsicles for kids or try this 3-ingredient recipe for healthy mango popsicles. If you’re looking for something more wholesome, we highly recommend this Dry Fruits Milkshake recipe for your kids. Want to get them involved in the kitchen? Let them make their own super-easy frozen fruity yoghurt bites!

2. Healthy breakfast foods
Breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day but it isn’t always easy to get the kids to eat a full breakfast. Not sure what to make next? We’ve put together some easy breakfast food recipes for kids for you that aren’t just healthy but also really fun to eat and make together. Check out our 7 Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas that your whole family will love.

3. Yummy-in-our-Tummies Pastas
Got a fussy eater at home? You can count on these delicious pasta recipes to keep their little tummies full. Try these tasty recipes for your kids or customize them as per your own taste. This simple cheesy pasta is always a hit with the little ones. Or try this wholesome balsamic veggie pasta or a fresh lemon broccoli pasta that makes for quite a filling meal.

4. Summer Snack-time favourites
Because kids can never get enough of snacks, we’ve got some options that aren’t just easy to make, but are delicious & healthy foods for your kids. Try these easy-to-make (and addictive) potato cheese balls, yum cauliflower tots or make these cute mini quiches for a tea-party. These zucchini grilled cheese sandwiches are such a healthy alternative to bread and cheese. If you’re looking for something a bit more filling, these mouth-watering chicken quesadillas are a must-try!

5. Kid-friendly Pizzas
There are very few things that kids love more than PIZZA! So, why not get them to help you out and make your very own pizzas at home! The kids can help making the dough and can even add their own toppings. Get started with this complete and easy homemade pizza recipe or try this broccoli-crust pizza recipe if you’re looking for a healthier recipe for your kids.

6. Healthy Chocolate-y Goodness
These healthy chocolate-y recipes for kids won’t leave you feeling so guilty about giving them sugary treats and will be enjoyed by the whole family! Try these lip-smacking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies or these energy-boosting banana chocolate muffins.

7. Homemade Ice-creams
Summer isn’t summer if you don’t experiment with making your own ice-cream at home! Check out this comprehensive list of delicious ice-cream recipes that are great for beginners.

Which of these healthy summer recipes are you going to try? Share your own kid-friendly summer recipe ideas below!

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