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15 Little Acts of Love to add Joy to Every Day

15 Little Acts of Love to add Joy to Every Day

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This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating little acts of love! Sure, grand gestures and gifts are wonderful too. But it’s the little things - the ones that sometimes go unnoticed - that truly brighten up our lives and add joy to every day. So, here’s a list of some of our favourite little acts of love that are sure to make your loved ones smile.

1. Dessert makes EVERYTHING BETTER. Surprise someone you love by picking up a delicious pastry from their favourite bakery on your way home from work.

2. Nothing says romance like household chores. If your partner has had a long day, take some of the pressure off by doing their share of household chores for that day. They will truly appreciate it, and hopefully return the favour when you’ve had a rough day.

3. Send your partner/friend/parent a text message in the middle of the day reminding them how much you love them and what makes them so special.

4. Give hugs – lots of hugs. Sometimes that’s all you need.

5. Write sweet love notes and hide them in places that your partner will eventually see. It’s simple, it’s sweet and it’s a gesture they won’t forget.

6. Call a family member/friend to ask how they’re doing. Because you can never tell what someone is truly going through unless you ask.

7. This is one of our favourites! Give your partner a massage without them having to ask. Getting pampered is always a great feeling!

8. Even if you don’t always have the same taste in movies, pick a movie that you know your partner has been waiting to watch. Little things, remember?

9. Sure, eating healthy food is important. But wouldn’t it be nice to surprise a loved one by randomly ordering their favourite food (we mean pizza) in the middle of the week!

10. Forget about to-do lists and just spend the day in your PJs snuggling with your family. It’s important to have those kind of days too!

11. If it’s your turn to do the groceries, don’t forget to pick up your spouse’s favourite ice-cream or your mom’s favourite biscuits, even if they haven’t asked you to.

12. This one’s important. Many times, we tend to start taking our loved ones for granted and forget to use words like ‘please’, ‘thank-you’ or ‘sorry’. Bring these words back. They matter.

13. Make time to ‘listen’. Put away your mobile phones and other gadgets and spend time listening to your loved ones when they talk.

14. Compliment people and be genuine about it. Compliments are free and they can mean the world to somebody.

15. Tell your loved ones why you’re grateful for them, every single day. Even if you can think of one thing per day, it’s enough.

Let’s spread the love, folks. Share your little acts of love with us!

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