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11 Tips for a More Sustainable Diwali

11 Tips for a More Sustainable Diwali

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Diwali is the festival of lights, love, of giving & sharing and of togetherness. It’s also a great time to teach your little ones how to celebrate responsibly and mindfully, while respecting our environment and those around us.

Here are some easy ways in which each of us can celebrate Diwali in a more sustainable and environment-friendly manner.

1. Light up, responsibly
Earthen diyas are a great eco-friendly option and a beautiful way to brighten up your home. Better yet – make your own diyas at home with the kids. Click here for an easy tutorial on how to make your own diyas using chapati dough. If you do choose electric lights, LED fairy lights are a better option and can be reused every festive season.

2. Opt for safer, eco-friendly Rangoli
Instead of using chemical-laden colours, use colourful food grains and natural or organic colours for your Rangoli, that are safe for your skin as well as non-toxic for the environment. Another beautiful way to make your rangoli really stand out is to create beautiful designs with fresh flowers.

3. Say no to fire-crackers!
This one might be hard but is one of the best teachings you can impart to your little ones. It’s safer for the environment, safer for humans and safer for animals!

4. Make thoughtful DIY Diwali gifts
Diwali shopping can sometimes get overwhelming and expensive. Instead, make your loved ones feel truly special with thoughtful, handmade gifts! The kids will love working on these handmade gifts with you. Click here for some wonderful DIY gift ideas to help you get started.

5. Recycle your decorations
It can be tempting to buy new decorations year after year but it’s so much more environment-friendly to reuse decorations and even make your own using items that are lying around your home. Old saris and dupattas can easily be repurposed into beautiful wall décor. Repurpose an old tray by painting on a beautiful design, make your own ‘torans’ – the options are endless.

6. Load up on homemade goodies
Avoiding heavy store-bought sweets & delicacies is always a healthier option. Plus, the joy of working together as a family to rustle up delicious Diwali treats is unparalleled. Get started with these super-easy and delicious recipes for Diwali sweets.

7. Wrap your gifts the eco-friendly way
It’s so easy to recycle gift wrapping paper or to even make your own. Check out these fabulous eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas. You can even order your gifts in these beautiful multi-purpose and reusable gift boxes from Softsens (pictured below).

8. Donate old clothes, toys, and even surplus food
Teach the kids the importance of giving and sharing by donating old clothes, toys and other household items to those in need. Diwali is also a time when a lot of food wastage occurs. You can help minimize this by donating surplus food to charitable organizations.

9. Host responsibly
When hosting Diwali gatherings, try and avoid single-use cutlery. There are a lot of biodegradable options available these days as well. If you’re looking for a really fun & creative way to serve food, you could even consider using banana leaves for a more traditional feel.

10. Choose ethically-made, eco-friendly brands & support local businesses
When shopping for Diwali gifts, look for ethically-produced products that are made locally.
For clothes, buy organic fabrics that aren’t just great for the environment, but are also better and safer on the skin. Look out for animals by supporting brands that make cruelty-free products that are NOT tested on animals. All Softsens products are PETA-certified cruelty-free and will never be tested on animals.

 11. Choose ethically-made, eco-friendly brands & support local businesses
A potted houseplant is a wonderful & sustainable gift for your loved ones and will be cherished for years to come. You could even start a yearly tradition with your children to plant a tree every Diwali.

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