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How to Make Travelling with a Baby Smooth Easy

How to Make Travelling with a Baby Smooth Easy

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How to Make Travelling with a Baby Smooth Easy

Travelling with a baby in tow isn’t always easy, but it is possible. When you plan well beforehand, travelling with a baby can actually be a really fun and satisfying experience.

We spoke to Apsara Mishra, co-founder of and an amazing Mom to son Yuvraj, on how she makes travelling with her little tot easy and doable. Take a look at her travel stories and trips and get inspired to take a quick vacation with your baby.

Q. Thanks for chatting with us, Apsara. Have you always loved travelling? How important do you think it is to discover and explore new places with your loved ones

Ans. I have always loved travelling because it helps to break the routine and lets us discover new things. I think that a family trip serves as a perfect excuse to forget the monotony of daily life and to bond with one other, setting aside the minor conflicts and unresolved issues every family has.

Q. How did things change after you had a baby, in respect to your travel plans?

Ans. Babies are very delicate and prone to catching infections while travelling. Earlier, travelling used to be carefree. Now, with a kid I have to be more careful in terms of keeping him protected from infections, insects and injuries.

Q. Were you skeptical about travelling with your baby in the beginning? How did you deal with it?

Ans. In the initial few months, I was skeptical about travelling with my baby. After he turned one year old, I grew more confident about travelling along with him. I just made sure I carried enough medicines, insect repellants and cozy clothing. I always got a health checkup for myself as well as my baby before travelling. It is also a good idea to keep handy the numbers of a few local chemists and hospitals in the place you are visiting, in case the need arises.

Q. What are some ways in which one can make travelling with a baby easier?

Ans. Here are some practices I follow:

Babies tend to get cranky while travelling, so make sure you carry some of their favourite toys and story books along to keep them occupied.

To keep your baby warm and snug, pack as per the weather of the place you are visiting. Some overlooked items are mittens, socks and caps.

Carry insect repellent lotions, mosquito patches and necessary medicines for your kiddo.

Keep light snacks as kids get irritated when hungry.

Q. Can you share some tips on how to be prepared for airplane travel with a small baby? What are the must- haves in your hand bag for your baby?

Ans. Airplane travel is generally more comfortable as compared to trains and buses because of shorter duration and availability of various in-house facilities
I always carry cotton earplugs or earmuffs for my little one as it helps prevent earaches due to the air pressure in the cabin.

Some must-haves in your handbag include:

Milk powder formula

Feeding bottle

Light yet filling snacks or mashed fruits

Wet wipes

Diapers and rash cream

A couple of small toys

Q. How do you make your baby comfortable in a new and strange environment?

Ans. Here are some rules I follow:

Keep your baby or kid busy by playing games with them or interacting with them.

Help them explore the place. Ask for involvement of all family members.

Carry a few of your child’s favourite items like toys or their favourite blanket. Preferably carry a soft, thin blanket which would be easy to carry around and keep your baby’s hands and legs covered to prevent any mosquito or insect bites.

Q. What are the top 5 items that you absolutely must pack in your travel bag if you’re travelling with a baby?

Ans. I always pack

Baby food

Diapers and extra clothes

Filtered water

Wet wipes

Common medicines

Q. Did you ever feel your leisure trips became more hectic since you had a baby in tow? How did you deal with it?

Ans. Yes, in a way travelling with a baby is a big responsibility. You have carry the baby around in your arms or in a stroller plus you have to take care of so many little things while travelling with a baby.

To deal with this, you have to understand that motherhood is a phase of life to be cherished and having a kid is a blessing. A baby improves your relationship with your partner and your family, overall. Your kids will not be little forever and you will miss this time of being utterly protective towards them. So, cherish it while you can.

Q. Share one favourite memory and one not-so favourite memory of a holiday that you took with your husband and baby.

Ans. I will start with the not-so-favourite memory. It was back when I did not know that my baby had a tendency to get sick while travelling. Within the first hour of starting our journey, he vomited on my lap. So, I learnt my lesson to always give him an antiemetic before starting any journey.

My baby is a water bum and on our trip to Goa, he really enjoyed the sea waves. We stayed in an apartment so there wasn’t much space to run around. The beach gave him lots of space to play freely and run around. He was really very happy.

Q. What are your favourite tried-and-tested tips on how to make sure the whole family has fun on holiday?

Ans. Here’s how we make sure everything goes smoothly.
➢ Book enough rooms in a hotel or lodge so that each person or couple gets their own privacy.
➢ Carry important medicines so that minor ailments do not spoil your trip.
➢ Plan to visit spots or destinations that meet the interests of every or at least most of the family members.
➢ Make sure the hotel you choose serves good food.
➢ Include some time to relax, unwind and chit chat with your family in the itinerary.

Feel free to comment below if you enjoyed reading the blog and do share your travel tips and amazing travel experiences with us!

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