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5 Moms on Why They Switched to Organic Cotton for their Babies

5 Moms on Why They Switched to Organic Cotton for their Babies

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5 Moms on Why They Switched to Organic Cotton for their Babies

We bet you have a lot of questions about Organic Cotton. What makes it better than regular cotton? Is it just another trend? Is it worth buying? Why is it better for my baby’s skin? So, we listed all the reasons we love Organic Cotton in our blog: Why Organic Cotton is a great choice for your baby? But we thought you’d rather hear the reasons from other Moms like yourself! Here’s what 5 awesome Moms have to say about Organic Cotton and why they’re fans of this sustainable fabric.

1. “When I switched to Organic Cotton, a lot of people, including those within my family, told me in no uncertain terms that they thought it was ‘unnecessary’. One lady even went so far as to tell me, ‘In our times, there was no fuss about organic or non-organic cotton and our kids turned out just fine’. While I do agree that initially there wasn’t so much emphasis given to using organic material, it is necessary to understand that now the use of chemicals and pesticides has increased much more than it was earlier. Thus, children today are more exposed to these harmful chemicals and pesticides then we were back then. Organic cotton is not treated with these harmful chemicals thus making it 100% safer for the child. If using organic cotton for my baby helps in reducing the risk of skin rashes, infections and eczema then why wouldn’t I make a switch? Moreover, Organic cotton is also grown in a way that is safe for farmers and the environment, thus reducing our carbon footprint and building a better world for our children. I think I became even more socially and environmentally conscious when I had my first child. I support Organic Cotton all the way.”
- Incia, Mumbai

2. “I have been using only premium quality bodysuits for my baby girl made of 100% Organic cotton, ever since she was born. In fact, most of the Moms in my circle buy Organic Cotton clothing and bedding. It is not a matter of ‘style’ or ‘popularity’ for us. It is just about doing what’s best for our babies. Basically, non-organic cotton is grown using pesticides and treated with chemicals. We all know that pesticides are not good for us. Babies especially have extremely delicate skin and it flares up very easily, so we have to be careful with what we dress them in. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. I think when you put together these simple facts, choosing organic cotton becomes an easy decision. At least for me, it did!”
- Nivedita, Jaipur

3. “I’ll be honest. Initially I was against Organic Cotton because I didn’t know much about it and I thought it was more expensive. Then I had a conversation with another Mom friend of mine and it definitely changed my opinion a little. So, I went home and read up all I could about Organic Cotton. But as the saying goes, you don’t trust it until you see it yourself. I actually bought a newborn baby body suit which was made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from Softsens for my baby, to understand why people preferred it. My first reaction on holding the organic cotton bodysuit was that it was MUCH SOFTER than its counterpart. I continued using it for a while for my baby, and realized that over a period of time, after several washes the organic cotton material remained as soft, did not become loose which was the case with some other non- organic cotton bodysuits. Thus, from personal experience I learnt that the organic cotton fabric is a lot more durable so basically it lasts longer and hence is more cost-effective in the long run. So, with my second baby, it was Organic Cotton right from the beginning because it is safer, more sustainable, softer & stronger! 😊.
- Hardita, Bengaluru

4. “You can actually feel the difference in the fabrics. Organic cotton is lighter and feels softer on your skin. It is also an extremely breathable fabric, which is very important with babies because the minute they are not comfortable, they become cranky and irritable. Organic cotton also actually becomes softer with each wash so I don’t have to worry about throwing the clothes for wash a thousand times. They look as premium and new even after several washes. A small style tip for all moms who love dressing up their pretty princesses as well as keeping a check on their budget, you can buy plain organic cotton, premium looking bodysuits which look best on your baby and team them up with different bottoms like frill skirts, comfy tights, pants, etc. Mix and match with same onesies do the trick for me always.😊.”
- Naina, Baroda

5.“I think Organic cotton is the way ahead. As I work in the clothing industry, I’ve noticed that over the years the demand for Organic cotton has increased steadily and is definitely going to keep increasing. People are understanding why it’s important to switch to more sustainable fabrics. Of course, it is hard to make huge changes to our lifestyle but I feel that these are small things that we can do to contribute to a more sustainable world.
Being a part of the clothing industry I know the kind of pesticides, toxins and chemicals that are used in the process. While it may not affect adult skin as much, it can have a huge impact on a tiny baby’s skin because baby’s skin is super-sensitive and MUCH thinner than an adult’s skin. I blindly choose organic cotton for my kids. For all moms who are still skeptical about making this switch my only piece of advice is, TRY IT, COMPARE IT, ONLY THEN WILL YOU TRUST IT!
- Shelly, Mumbai

Do you choose Organic Cotton for your little ones? Leave a comment telling us what you think about the decision to switch to Organic cotton clothing for your babies.

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  • gia

    I too was initially skeptical about organic cotton, but now i know i made the right choice!