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Printable Checklist of all your Newborn Baby Essentials

Printable Checklist of all your Newborn Baby Essentials

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Shopping for newborn essentials can be a little daunting, especially with the number of different options available nowadays. So, we made a list to make things a little easier and stress-free for all you new Moms & Dads.

Here’s a checklist of pretty much everything you need to shop for before your baby arrives. Scroll down to the end to save the printable version of this checklist for your reference.


  • Diaper bag

    A good diaper bag that’s easy to carry around can make things a lot easier for you, Mumma. You’ll need this any time you’re on the go and even for your baby’s routine visits to the doctor.

  • Portable changing mats

    You’ll be changing a LOT of diapers in a LOT of different places. Portable changing mats make quick diaper changes easier.

  • Diapers

    No prizes for guessing you’re going to need more diapers than you could ever imagine. Click here for our Ultimate Guide to Diaper Changing.

  • Wipes

    Stock up on Softsens baby ultra-soft, quick absorbent, cloth based, all-natural Baby Wet Wipes that’ll cleanse, nourish and soothe your baby’s skin.

  • Diaper Changing Table + Changing Mat

    A sturdy diaper changing table is better for everyone AND for your back! Click here to read our Essential Tips for setting up an efficient Diaper Changing Station.

  • Diaper Pail

    An efficient diaper disposal system is not just super helpful but will also keep those nasty smells away.


  • Baby Powder, Baby soap/Tear-free Baby Wash, Tear-free Baby shampoo, Baby Cream, Baby Lotion, Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Hair Oil, Baby Massage Oil.

    Care for your baby’s skin with Softsens baby gentle & mildly-formulated baby skin care products that are hypoallergenic, free from parabens and other harmful chemicals & pass the highest standards of testing in Europe. Get all these products in our all-inclusive Complete Baby Bath & Skin Essentials Kit or click here to shop individual products.

  • Towel

    You’ll need a few soft & absorbent baby hooded bath towel that’ll keep your little one warm & cozy after a bath.

  • Baby Bath tub

    This is not a must-have essential but can be a helpful bath-time accessory.

  • Bath Mug

    Keep aside a tiny mug to rinse your baby’s skin while you bathe them.


  • Breast pump

    A good-quality breast pump is a great investment. Click here to read our blog on 15 Smart Tips to Help you Pump More Milk!

  • Bottles with slow-flow nipples

    Picking the right bottle for your baby is important. Here are some helpful bottle-feeding tips for new moms.

  • Bottle Sterilizer

    Helps keep your baby bottles clean and free of bacteria.

  • Bottle Cleaning Brush

    Keep aside a separate bottle brush for cleaning your baby’s bottles.

  • Burp cloths

    Soft burp cloths to clean up drool, spit up and more. Our organic muslin swaddles also double up as excellent burp cloths for your baby.

  • Bibs (when baby starts solids)

    You’ll love our soft, absorbent & long lasting 100% GOTS-certified organic muslin bibs that are easy to wash and get softer after each wash.

  • Nipple Balm (for Mumma)

    A good nipple balm can help soothe dry, chapped nipples while you’re breastfeeding.

  • Feeding pillow

    Make feeding easier with a comfortable feeding pillow.

  • Nursing bras & nursing pads

    Stock up on a few comfortable nursing bras and some nursing pads for Mumma.



  • Baby Swaddle Blankets

    Swaddle blankets are great for helping your baby sleep better and are also useful in so many ways. Choose from our range of soft & breathable organic muslin swaddle blankets or bamboo stretch swaddles that are multi-purpose and can be alternatively used as stroller covers & blankets

  • Crib/bassinet

    Choose a crib that works best for you. Click here to read our 5 Safe Sleep Practices for Babies.

  • Baby bedding set

    Make bedtime even cozier and luxurious with our 100% GOTS certified organic cotton bedding set that is especially designed for extra comfort, can be easily washed & is suitable for all seasons.

  • Baby monitor (optional)


  • Baby nail clipper and nail filer

    Your baby’s nails need to be cut often as they grow pretty fast, and can scratch your little one’s skin.

  • Baby hair brush

    A soft brush or wide toothed baby comb to manage their delicate locks


  • Car seat

    This is a must to ensure your baby’s safety.

  • Stroller

    A good stroller can make being outdoors with your baby so much easier.

  • Baby play mat

    Give your little one daily tummy time on their plat mat.

Here's a ready-to-use printable Softsens checklist of all your Newborn Baby Essentials.


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