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How to Curate the Perfect Baby Shower Gift Set

How to Curate the Perfect Baby Shower Gift Set

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How to Curate the Perfect Baby Shower Gift Set

A gift should always be three things: thoughtful, unique and personal. Selecting a baby shower giftfor someone close to you can be quite exciting and you obviously want to make sure that the gift is just perfect for the lovely parents-to-be. So instead of selecting a couple of big items straight from the store, why not build a personal and special gift set for the new parents? You can customize it as per your liking to make sure that it is filled with both unique and practical items that every new parent needs. Here are our top tips on how to build the perfect baby shower gift set.

1. Choose your base
Whether it’s a pretty basket or a delicate box, pick what you’re going to use as a base. There’s all kinds of different options available in the market so don’t be afraid to use your imagination and get creative with this. Just make sure that you know what size you’re looking for based on the items that go in it. Check its quality and durability too. If you’re looking for a basket, try and get one with a handle so that you can get can get a little more creative while decorating it.

2. Pick a theme
Try and visualize how you want your gift hamper to look. You could go with a simple colour-based theme or you could do something interesting using a particular print or cartoon character.

3. Bring out the bows & ribbons
When it comes to decorating your gift hamper, don’t hold back. Sometimes less is more, but not in this case. Bows, ribbons, lace, butterflies, and confetti – use your imagination and build your own Pinterest masterpiece.

4. Something sweet, something practical

Choose the essential items that you want to put in your hamper. Make sure it’s the right mix of ‘cute’ and ‘practical’. Think about the things that new parents really need - baby wipes, diapers, bibs and caps, swaddle cloths, cute onesies, baby arrival gift sets and baby care products. Mix these essential items with something sweet and personal like the baby’s first book or cuddle toy, and you’re good to go!

5. Look out for cost-effective deals

Check for online deals and offers so that you can buy MORE for less! Most baby brands offer great deals when you buy a bunch of products together.Did you also know that Softsens offers an amazing subscription service called ‘Bundles’ where new parents can get a bunch of essential baby products delivered home conveniently, while saving up to 40% on baby products monthly! You can make use of this awesome service for gifting too. Check it out here:

6. Layer your items
Place the bigger, softer items at the bottom and arrange your other items around them. Don’t bunch things together. It doesn’t have to be perfect – play around with the look a little before you settle on the final layout!

7. Throw in some cute stuff
Add a few tiny items to balance out the look. It could be anything from a pacifier to tiny soft toy or baby accessories.

8. Add a personal touch
Don’t forget to add your own personal touch with a sweet handwritten note for the parents and/or baby. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could even write a poem or paint something special. People forget what you gifted them but it’s little things like this that they will always remember.

9. Something for Mummy & Daddy too
Why should the parents-to-be be left out? Remind them that you’re thinking of them too by gifting them something they’d appreciate like a gift voucher for a massage or skin products meant for pampering.

Ready to build your gift hamper? If you still aren’t sure and need some help to make your gift truly stand out, reach out to us and we’ll design a specially-curated and customized gift hamper to fit all your needs. Just give us your price range and your basic requirements, and we’ll take care of everything else.

To place an order, Email us on OR WhatsApp us on (+91) 9833808228.

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