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How To Build a Practical & Stylish Maternity Wardrobe

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As your pregnancy progresses, your body will change in so many beautiful ways. You’ll soon find that you have to begin dressing to adapt to your growing bump. While this might be new to you, don’t be afraid to experiment with your style at this time. Maternity dressing is a whole lot of fun and we’re about to show you how! We put together our top tips on how you can build a stylish yet practical and comfortable maternity wardrobe. Here goes…

1. Wait a while before you start splurging on maternity clothes
Although every pregnancy is different, most women don’t notice a major change in their bodies until the beginning of the second trimester. So instead of splurging on costly maternity wear right at the beginning, wait for a while. Your body will also change shape considerably throughout the remainder of your pregnancy, so keep that in mind when buying maternity wear.

2. Evaluate your existing wardrobe to see which of your outfits also work well as maternity clothes
Spend some time sifting through your existing clothes to see what might also work well during your pregnancy and set those clothes aside to make dressing easier. Here are a few regular-sized items that can also be easily worn during pregnancy: elasticated pants, loose skirts, longer blouses, flowy items, stretchy shirts and tank tops.

Style a regular skirt by wearing it higher on your waist with a cute top tucked in.

Style a regular skirt by wearing it higher on your waist with a cute top tucked in.

3. Hang on to your elastics
Comfy maternity pants that accommodate your growing belly are an absolute essential during your pregnancy. Which basically means that anything with an elastic is your best friend at this time. Whether it’s elasticated maternity trousers, jeans or leggings, find something that works for you and can be matched with multiple items. If there’s one item that we recommend you should spend a little more on, it’s a good pair of maternity jeans. Always try them out before buying so that you get the most comfortable fit. A maternity band is also a great purchase. It can be easily worn over most clothes to help cover your belly as it grows.

4. Team tank tops or tees with loose button-down shirts
Stock up on a few tank tops or t-shirts made from stretch fabric. Wear them under a long button-down shirt. This way, you’ll still be comfortable but will also get enough coverage. Loose button-down shirts are another great maternity essential. Know a great place where you can find more of these? Your partner’s closet.

Loose shirts + tank tops are a winning (and very comfy) combination when you’re pregnant.

Loose shirts + tank tops are a winning (and very comfy) combination when you’re pregnant.

5. Layer easily by throwing on a cute jacket or oversized cardigan over any outfit
A comfy, oversized jacket or cardigan can be a great accessory during this time. Look for something in a neutral colour that will match with most of your outfits.

Invest in a cute jacket/cardigan can match easily with most outfits.

Invest in a cute jacket/cardigan can match easily with most outfits.

6. Pair loose & comfy tunic tops with leggings or jeans
Remember those old tops that you ALMOST gave away because they were too loose/flowy/shapeless? They’re the perfect pregnancy clothes. Long, loose tunic tops paired with leggings or jeans are the ideal clothes for pregnant women.

7. Choose light, breathable and stretchy fabrics
Your body temperature can fluctuate during pregnancy, often leaving you sweaty and uncomfortable. Stick to light, breathable and stretchy fabrics and stay away from synthetic materials.

Stay breezy& comfy in light, breathable fabrics

Stay breezy & comfy in light, breathable fabrics.

8. DRESS up your baby bump
There’s a reason why most pregnant women love wearing dresses. They’re extremely comfortable, cute, versatile and allow for easy movement. While there are so many different dresses for pregnant ladies to choose from, you need to pick what makes you feel good - whether it’s a flowy maxi dress, body-hugging dress or empire waist dress. The best part is that most maternity dresses can be easily altered to your regular size after your pregnancy if need be.

Show off your adorable bump in a cute dress.

Show off your adorable bump in a cute dress.

9. Shop for underwear that provides maximum support and comfort
As your body grows, your breasts too will become fuller and your hips might become a little wider as well. So, make sure you stock up on comfortable maternity bras and maternity underwear that give you enough support and coverage.

10. Take good care of your feet
Comfort is key during your pregnancy, especially when it comes to footwear. The excess weight can lead to discomfort and tiredness, and a lot of women also notice swelling of their feet during pregnancy. So, try and stick to soft sneakers, low-heeled shoes, or open-toe sandals with enough support.

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