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4 Safe Pregnancy Exercises to Try at Home

4 Safe Pregnancy Exercises to Try at Home

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During pregnancy, weight gain and an expanding belly causes your skin to stretch, thus damaging skin elasticity and leading to loose, sagging skin post pregnancy. For many new moms, it can be hard to come to terms with these changes in their skin and body, and it can even negatively affect their self-confidence and mental well-being. It’s important to remind yourself that these changes are absolutely normal and that your body and skin need time to heal and recover. However, there are lots of ways in which you can help your skin and body heal after pregnancy.

Here are some helpful tips to help tighten loose skin post pregnancy.

1. Care for your skin properly during pregnancy too
Stretch marks and skin changes during pregnancy are unavoidable. But preventing skin damage as far as possible during your pregnancy period can be extremely helpful in the long run.

Lessen the damage caused by stretching skin during pregnancy by massaging your skin daily with a specially-formulated stretch mark oil such as the Softsens Skin Therapy Oil that boosts skin elasticity and helps improve the appearance of stretch marks, skin spots, scars, uneven skin tone and premature ageing. With vitamin-packed natural oils like jojoba, avocado and rosehip, it nourishes and conditions the skin from deep within.

2. Stay away from crash diets and go slow with exercise
It might be tempting to go on a crash diet to lose those extra pounds, but it can actually have a negative impact not just on your health but on your skin as well. Dropping weight too quickly can cause your skin to sag even further. Your body also needs essential nutrients to help regenerate skin cells, so it’simportantto eat a balanced diet at this time. Similarly, too much exercise all of a sudden can stress your body and adversely impact your health. Although it will take longer to lose your pregnancy weight, it is important to lose it in a healthy manner. This is also a more sustainable weight loss plan and will allow your body to heal slowly.

3. Start a consistent cardio routine mixed with a little strength training
To tighten loose skin after pregnancy, the type of exercise that you do is more important than how much you exercise at this time. Start off with a slow and consistent cardio routine and pair it with light strength training a few times a week. You could try doing alternate days of cardio and strength training on weekdays and give your body a break over the weekend. By doing this, you will slowly burn fat and gain muscle mass which will help firm up your loose skin over time. While this is a slow & steady process, you will notice gradual results over time. With any exercise, always get a go-ahead from your doctor first.

4. Increase your skin’s elasticity by drinking lots of water
Keeping yourself well-hydrated is so important for boosting your skin’s elasticity. Ideally, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Hydrating from the inside is not just great for your skin, but also helps reduce bloating, helps your body burn fat and has lots of other great benefits.

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