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The Best Self Care Kit for Moms this Mother’s Day

The Best Self Care Kit for Moms this Mother’s Day

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Best self-care kit for moms

Dear Mama, we get it. Mummying is a full-time job. Or more like three full-time jobs. So, when you hear someone talk about “self-care,” you probably want to scream. But a self-care routine (however unrealistic it may seem if you are currently in the trenches of motherhood), is really helpful and necessary. It does not have to be complicated; it can be a basic 5-minute routine. Self-care is simply about paying attention to your own physical, emotional, and mental needs. Plus, taking care of yourself helps give you the physical and emotional energy to take care of your loved one too.

If you are wondering where to begin, we’ve got you! Our 3-step Mama Skincare Kit was specially designed to include 3 perfect self-care products for all you busy mamas, with ingredients chosen to target your specific skincare issues. It tackles everything from dry, itchy skin, to stretch marks and hyperpigmentation and is completely safe for breastfeeding or pregnant mamas. If you’re looking for self-care on a budget, this is it.

Self care products for busy moms

Our 3-step Mama Skincare Kit is designed to leave you with soft, supple, nourished skin, to help you look and feel your best, every single day. Here’s a breakdown of this easy-to-follow 3-step routine that won’t take more than 5 minutes of your day.

Step 1:  Start your day with Softsens Moisturizing Sorbet
Whether you woke up extra early, or barely slept at night, our moisturizing sorbet is sure to help your day get off to a great start. This luscious moisturizer is super creamy yet non-greasy, to give you that plump, hydrated look. Spend a minute massaging it into your skin in the morning and reapply as often as you like.

Step 2: Post showering, massage Softsens Skin Therapy Oil gently into your skin
Long showers are a thing of the past, but we hope you have time for a 5-minute shower when baby is napping. Post bath time, simply pat skin dry and massage our Skin Therapy Oil liberally over your skin in a gentle circular motion, concentrating on the stomach, hips, thighs, bottoms, breasts, and areas that are prone to stretch marks.

Boost your skin’s elasticity by doing this daily. Packed with skin-nourishing vitamins & proteins, this lightweight and non-greasy oil seeps into your skin to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and premature ageing.

Step 3: Seal in moisture with Softsens Nourishing Body Butter
This ultra-rich body butter is what (skincare) dreams are made of! We recommend using this right before bedtime to help repair damaged skin. Generously massage your Softsens ultra-rich Body Butter all over your body, concentrating on your stomach, hips and thighs and letting it seep in. Made from 95% natural origin ingredients, this dermatologist-approved body butter is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. You’ll love the mesmerizing tropical fragrance that’ll simply leave you feeling completely pampered, as you should!

That’s it, mamas! Three easy steps that’ll leave you feeling a bit more relaxed, pampered and soothed. Did we also mention that this self-care kit is the perfect Mother’s Day/all-year-round gift? Get it here. Happy Mama’s Day!

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