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Summer Style Guide: Dressing Your Child for Fun in The Sun

Summer Style Guide: Dressing Your Child for Fun in The Sun

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Kids Summer Clothes

There’s nothing quite as cute as babies dressed in stylish summer clothing! Those breezy summer dresses, tiny (arm-baring) onesies and adorable shorts make your little one look sweeter than ever, and are absolutely perfect for keeping them cool and comfortable in the sweltering heat. But before you go on a summer shopping spree for baby, we’ve got some important safety tips that’ll help you protect your child and prevent them from getting overheated, while making sure they still have a whole lot of fun in the sun! Here are our top tips for choosing your child’s summer clothing.

Begin With the Right Fabric
We can’t say this enough – the right fabric is essential in keeping your little one comfortable during summer. Pick light, natural and breathable fabrics like organic cotton that allow for easy airflow and stay away from synthetic fibers that can trap heat under the skin and leave baby feeling hot and sticky.

At Softsens, we have a range of GOTS-certified Organic Cotton clothing that’s super soft, light and gentle on baby’s skin. Another mom-approved summer favourite is our bamboo fabric clothing that’s also feathery-light on the skin and available in a range of cute styles and colours.

Choose Loose, Light & Airy
That’s our summer clothing mantra! Choose clothes that are loose, airy and won’t stick to the skin. For babies, we always recommend sizing up since they outgrow clothes so quickly. Avoid tight-fitted clothes that stick to the skin. Your child’s clothing should be comfortable and gentle on their skin. You also want to make sure their clothing is comfy enough for all the summer exploring they’ll be doing. Click here to shop some of our summertime favourites.

Cool & Comfortable Summer Clothes

Say Hello to Cool Colours & Fresh Prints
Play around with bright, fun colours but try and stick to cool tones. Try and look for cheeky summer-inspired prints like these from our limited-edition bamboo collection. For the perfect summer palette, check out our Wonderful World collection that features some of our warm weather must-haves, or these soft pastels from our beautiful ribbed range.

Keep it Simple with Easy to Wear Outfits
Trying to wrestle a baby into an outfit during the warm weather can be quite a challenge so stick to soft, stretchy clothing that’s easy to put on and take off. This applies for older kids as well. Choose simple clothing that’s designed for comfort (and all that jumping and running about).

Some summer staples for babies:

  • Onesies with snap buttons and comfortable necklines
  • Cozy shorts with adjustable waistbands
  • Dresses that are both fun & functional
  • Light, stretchy t-shirts that can be easily matched with shorts or pants

Summer essentials for older kids:

  • Fun T-shirts in bright colours that can be matched with any outfit
  • Comfortable shorts with an adjustable drawstring band or easy to attach button
  • Polo shirts in light, summery colours and prints that are ideal for special occasions
  • Cute, breezy dresses in playful prints and colours
Easy to Wear Summer Clothes

Throw Some Extra Layers in Your Bag
Always be prepared for a slight change in the weather, or if your child is going to be in a cooler air-conditioned space. Pack an extra layer that they can easily wear on top of their clothing or even a change of clothes. This will also help keep baby protected from mosquito bites, especially in the evenings. PS: Our natural mosquito repellent fabric roll-on and other mosquito repellent products are must-have summer essentials for you and your little ones.

Buy Comfortable, Summer-Appropriate Footwear
Pay attention to footwear because your little one is going to get caught up in all kinds of fun (and messy) summer adventures. Choose footwear that’s designed for fun & play, while keeping your little cutie comfortable. Sandals and open footwear are the ideal choice for summer because they allow for airflow. However, closed sneakers can be a safer choice when your child is at the playground or running about.

Get a Sunhat for That Cute Head
A light, wide-rimmed sunhat will help protect your child’s skin from sun damage and will help keep their head a little cooler. Plus, your little munchkin will look adorable. While we’re talking about sun protection, make sure you don’t skip the sunscreen. Protect your child’s delicate skin from sun damage with a safe SPF like our SPF30 Sunblock Lotion or SPF50 Sunscreen Spray.

Bring Out the Beach Wear
It’s not summer without a trip to the beach! Just make sure you protect your child’s skin with appropriate clothing and footwear. Babies have extremely sensitive skin, so they typically require a UV-protective sunsuit that covers most of their skin. You also want to protect baby’s feet from the hot sand or even sharp objects, so a pair of beach sandals is ideal. Older kids can wear swimsuits or even swim shirts to protect their skin. A sunhat and sunscreen are both a must at the beach.

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