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How to Spend Wisely and Save More on Baby Care Essentials

How to Spend Wisely and Save More on Baby Care Essentials

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How to Spend Wisely and Save More on Baby Care Essentials

How much could a tiny baby really require? The correct answer: MORE THAN YOU THINK. The truth is that shopping for baby essentials is not as cheap as you would imagine. So, we put together some practical money-saving tips that’ll help you save on baby care essentials on a monthly basis and in the long run. Let’s start saving, parents.

1. Monitor your monthly spending
No, budgeting and tracking our spending is not our idea of fun either but it’s definitely necessary when you’re trying to save some extra pennies. We’re not professional accountants either so we try to keep it simple. Figure out your budget at the beginning of the month, try spending on your debit card so that you can keep a track of every purchase, check if you’ve surpassed your budget at the end of the month, and figure out where you could have spent less or saved money. Once you start tracking your monthly spends properly, you’ll know exactly how and where you can cut back.

2. Try and stick to the essentials
It’s easy to get carried away and pick up 10 adorable but totally pointless items when you go shopping for your baby. We’ve all been there 😊. So, here’s a word of advice: just stick to the basic essentials. Speak to other Moms around you and ask them about the items that were the most helpful as their baby grew.

3. Keep your eyes open for discounts
Sure, time is everything when you have a baby. But sometimes it helps to take that extra 5 minutes to do a little research before buying baby products. Most baby care brands offer weekly/monthly deals and discounts on their websites. Do a little comparing and see if you can get the best possible price for the product you need. Look out for sites that offer new deals daily like Amazon’s Lightning Deals. Online shopping is also faster, easier and most of the time, more cost-effective. Click here to check out all the current deals available on our very own Softsens products right here.

4. Stock up on your most-used products
As a new parent, you’ll soon discover that there is no such thing as TOO many diapers or baby wipes, for that matter. Stock up on these essential items by buying them in bulk when you see a great discount offer. We promise you’ll thank us later! Check out this amazing deal on Softsens Baby Wipes!

5. ‘Bundle’ your monthly essentials
A lot of baby care brands now offer bundling subscription services to help make monthly shopping a whole lot easier. So how does it work? BUNDLES are created when you buy several products all at once for a DISCOUNTED price, instead of buying each product individually at its original price. When you bundle with Softsens, you get to save 40% on baby products monthly, and you can customize your bundle to suit your individual needs. It’s that simple! Not just that, once you have figured your monthly requirements, you can also subscribe to the 3 months, 6 months or 12 months subscription, where your list of selected products get directly delivered to your doorstep every month at a date pre-decided by you! Click here to learn more about Softsens Bundles!

6. Don’t be embarrassed to accept hand-me-downs
Babies grow at an alarm pace, especially during the first year, which means you might have to go shopping a little more often. Here’s 2 simple ways to avoid this:
(a) Don’t feel bad about accepting hand-me-downs from friends or family. When the time comes, you can always pass on the favour to someone else.
(b) Don’t buy too many baby clothes too far in advance. Try to buy them when the need arises instead of stocking up on things your baby may/may not fit into.

What are your favourite money-saving tips & tricks? Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us how you save like a pro!

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