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How to Choose the Right Age-appropriate Baby Blanket

How to Choose the Right Age-appropriate Baby Blanket

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A baby blanket is a must-have to keep your little angel cozy, snug & comforted! A baby’s skin is extremely thin and loses heat very quickly, which is why you typically dress a baby in one extra layer than what you’d dress in for the temperature.

Baby blankets can keep your baby warm & comfy. However, for your baby’s safety, it is extremely important to choose the correct baby blanket as per your baby’s age and the occasion.

According to baby sleep experts, there should be no loose blankets in your baby’s crib until they are around 1 year of age, as this can be a choking hazard and increase the risk of SIDs. However, loose baby blankets are a valuable essential too and can be used in many ways. Until your baby is one year of age, the perfect bedtime essentials are either baby swaddle blankets or baby sleep bags, as these are safe sleep essentials, and NOT choking hazards when used correctly.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when buying a baby blanket:

• Babies have super sensitive skin. So, make sure that the fabric of your baby blanket is soft, light and very gentle on your baby’s skin. Opt for soft, natural and breathable fibers like organic cotton and bamboo that are really light on baby’s sensitive skin. Keep away from synthetic fabrics that can irritate baby’s skin, and anything with fur that could possibly get into baby’s mouth and cause respiratory issues.

• Stay away from blankets that have tassels, ribbons or anything that can get tangled in baby’s hands or feet.

• Use blankets that are appropriate for both baby’s age and the season.

Read on to learn more about the different types of baby blankets and how to choose the correct baby blanket for your little one at every stage!


A swaddle blanket is a valuable newborn baby essential! Why do newborns love being swaddled? It’s simple. Swaddling helps recreate the warm & cozy feeling of being in the womb, and thus helps baby feel more secure, safe, cozy and even helps them sleep better and for longer. A swaddle blanket that’s around 44”x44” is perfect for your baby until they reach 4-5 months of age, OR until they begin to roll over onto their stomach or show signs that they don’t like being swaddled anymore. Click here to find out everything you need to know about swaddling your baby - when to begin, when to stop swaddling and the best way to swaddle your newborn baby.

As babies cannot regulate their body temperature in the same way that adults do, it is important to choose a cozy but breathable swaddle blanket to keep your little one snug and warm, but to prevent them from overheating.

Our range of Softsens baby swaddle blankets are specially designed keeping your baby’s comfort & safety in mind. We’ve designed a range of bamboo and muslin swaddle blankets, that are ultra-soft, gentle, non-allergenic, breathable, naturally antibacterial, thermo-regulating and PERFECT for your baby’s delicate skin. Click here for our Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Baby Swaddle Blanket for newborns.


While your newborn baby may love being swaddled, most babies outgrow their swaddle blanket by the age of 6 months or even earlier. So, what next? According to experts, there should be no loose blankets in your baby’s cot at bedtime, until they reach the age of one. So, how do you keep baby cozy AND safe at bedtime once they’ve outgrown their swaddle blankets? By using a baby sleep bag. A baby sleep bag is simply a wearable blanket that offers a safer and comfier alternative to a loose blanket.

Since your baby cannot kick it off, there is no risk of them suffocating under the blanket while they sleep. Your baby will also feel safe, secure and comforted through the night. Baby sleep bags can also be used for newborns (make sure you choose the correct size) if your newborn hates being swaddled.

Want to know more? Click here for all the answers to why, when and how to use a baby sleep bag!

Softsens Super Soft Muslin Baby Sleeping Bags are crafted from 4 layers of super-soft bamboo muslin, for extra comfort and care. Extremely breathable, our lightweight sleeping bags are designed to prevent any overheating or sweating, when worn correctly. This ensures a safe, comfy and better night’s sleep for your little one.

Bamboo is not just an extremely soft, thermo-regulating and absorbent fabric, but also naturally antibacterial and odor-resistant, making it ideal for baby’s sensitive skin.

Our sleeveless, lightweight baby sleeping bags also come with a practical top to bottom zipper for easy nighttime diaper changes, and enough wiggle room for your baby’s legs, to promote optimal hip development. Softsens baby sleep bags are available in 2 generous sizes and can be used until your baby is about 18 months old.


While experts recommend that babies should not be put to bed with loose blankets in the cot until they are 1 year old, you can still use a baby/toddler blanket in many ways, making it a must-have item on your baby shopping list. A baby blanket is thicker than a baby swaddle blanket so you can use it to wrap your baby during cuddle time, or use it to cover your baby in the stroller in colder weather. It’s also perfect for when you’re travelling. A baby blanket can also be spread out on the floor or a bed for tummy time.

Make sure your blanket is made from soft, light and breathable material that is safe on your baby’s skin. Avoid furry or fluffy blankets that have fibers that can be inhaled by your baby. Softsens super soft muslin blankets are made from incredibly soft, breathable and gentle bamboo-muslin are generously sized at 44x44 inches making them perfect for your little one at every stage. And in case we haven’t already said it enough, they’re SOFTER than anything you’ve ever felt!

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Your baby’s first “blankie” will always be a special item and one that you will cherish for a long time! A baby blanket also serves so many different purposes and is a fabulous gift for babies & toddlers. We hope this guide helps you make a better choice when buying a blanket for your little ones! Got any more questions on choosing the appropriate baby blanket? Leave them below!

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