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5 Effective Tips to Keep Baby Happy & Comfortable

5 Effective Tips to Keep Baby Happy & Comfortable

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Babies are completely reliant on us for their comfort. When you are a parent, there is nothing more important than the well-being of your baby and you’ll want to do everything in your power to keep baby as comfortable as possible.

Here are our top tips on keeping your little one comfortable in every season:

  1. Make baby’s room as cozy & comfortable as you can

The room in which the baby is in, should have proper ventilation. Maintain a proper room temperature to keep baby cozy. The best room temperature for baby is typically between 20 to 22 degrees Celsius, provided your baby is also dressed appropriately. Click here for our quick guide on how to dress baby at bedtime, based on the temperature. Thick, dark curtains/blinds are also great, especially for darkening the room at baby’s bedtime.

  1. Give lots of CUDDLES

One of the simplest things you can do to make sure your baby is a little more comfortable is to show them plenty of affection and love. Resting your baby on your chest with skin-to-skin contact, also known as kangaroo care, is one of the best ways to provide a comfortable, calming situation for them.

  1. Use quality products that are safe for your delicate little one

When it comes to shopping for baby products, always look for quality over quantity. Choose safe, well-made, high-quality baby products designed to truly care for your little ones.

At Softsens, our range of baby bath & skin essentials has been formulated and tested by world-class experts, for your baby’s complete care and safety. All our products are made without parabens and harsh chemicals, making them completely safe on baby’s skin. When it comes to clothing & accessories, we use the highest-quality fabrics such as GOTS-certified organic cotton and super soft bamboo that are extra soft and gentle on baby’s skin.

In addition to your baby’s daily skincare essentials, don’t forget about some other very important skin protection products including SPF essentials. It’s lovely to take baby out for some sunshine, but they MUST be protected from exposure to UV rays. Dress baby appropriately to protect their skin and use a sunblock with safe and baby-friendly ingredients like our SPF 30 Sunblock Lotion.

Another thing that can make babies extremely uncomfortable are mosquito bites. Protect your baby from mosquito/bug bites and common mosquito-transmitted diseases with our Natural Mosquito Repellent Gel & Spray and soothe any redness, itchiness or swelling with our After-Bite recovery roll on.

  1. Pick seasonally-appropriate & comfortable clothing that’s safe on their delicate skin

Fluctuating temperatures can make baby uncomfortable. Dress your baby appropriately to deal with temperature changes.

When the weather is warmer, it’s a safe bet to dress baby in only a single layer of loose clothing so they don’t overheat. Lightweight organic cotton, muslin and bamboo clothes are breathable and help baby keep cool. In fact, bamboo fabric is even known for its thermo-regulating properties, keeping the wearer warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm. Bamboo is also a naturally-antibacterial and odor-resistant fabric, making it ideal for babies who are prone to eczema and skin allergies.

In chilly weather, dress baby in layers to keep them warm and cozy.  Skin to skin contact with mama is a great way to warm up baby too, since your body warmth helps regulate your little one’s temperature. As your baby lays on your skin, cover him/her with a blanket or swaddle.

The general thumb rule is to dress your baby in one layer extra than what you’re wearing, as babies are more sensitive to temperature changes.

If you are stepping outside, be sure your infant is covered from head to toe, including beanies & booties to keep their heads and feet warm. You could tuck a blanket snugly around them in the stroller for added warmth.

You should dress your baby one-to-two layers to sleep. Until the baby can roll over on their own, a swaddle or sleep bag can be one of those layers. A wearable blanket, or a sleep bag is an excellent and comfortable way to add an extra layer of warmth for babies.

  1. Maintain Structure & Routines

Babies like to have a little bit of structure in their lives when it comes to feeding and naps. Once you start feeding your baby at a certain time or begin to put them to sleep in a certain manner, they’re going to get used to that. Do your best to make sure you stay consistent with these routines so your baby is on somewhat of a schedule. This is extremely important if you want to keep your baby comfortable and prevent those fussy fits.

Hope we’ve been able to help you with useful tips and the best products and methods to keep your baby from being fussy and uncomfortable. Drop a comment below and tell us what helped you the most.

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