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5 Bedtime Habits to help your Baby Sleep Better

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Getting your baby to sleep well at night feels like a huge achievement sometimes, doesn’t it, parents? But here’s the good news. Even though your baby might not always sleep as soundly as you’d like, there are a few practices you can follow every night to make sure that they start sleeping better. Just like bath-time and mealtime, your baby requires a consistent bedtime routine too. This routine helps signal to the baby that it is almost time for bed and also helps to soothe your little one Here are a few steps you can follow to make sure this happens.

5 Bedtime Habits to help your Baby Sleep Better

1. Set a fixed bedtime
Sleeping at a fixed time every day will help your baby fall into the routine easily. Don’t wait for your baby to become cranky before you decide to put them to bed. Instead, put them to bed a little early and while they are still calm and relaxed. That way, you too might get some time for yourself.

5 Bedtime Habits to help your Baby Sleep Better

2. Give your baby a relaxing bath
Don’t you just love a nice, warm bath after a long day? Well, your baby does too. A warm bath is the perfect way to get your baby ready for bed. Play some soothing music in the background if you like or simply let your baby relax in a quiet environment.
Softsens Body Wash is enriched with Natural Milk Cream and Shea Butter to gently cleanse, nourish and moisturize your baby’s delicate skin before bedtime and also has a tear-free formulation to prevent any kind of irritations.

5 Bedtime Habits to help your Baby Sleep Better

3. Pamper your little one with a pre-bedtime massage
If your baby seems a little agitated or restless, a soothing massage after bath-time can be very helpful. A massage helps reduce the levels of cortisol, better known as the stress hormone, and calms your baby. It also relaxes their breathing and heart rate, getting them ready for a good night’s sleep.
Try our Softsens Calming Baby Massage Oil enriched with Olive and Vitamin E which naturally nourishes and moisturizes your baby’s sensitive skin leaving them in a state of pure baby bliss. Studies have shown that infants who are massaged by their parents before bed tend to fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and sleep longer.

5 Bedtime Habits to help your Baby Sleep Better

4. Swaddle them right
Wrapping your baby in a swaddle blanket helps your little one feel safe, secure and cozy. It is also known to help babies sleep longer and prevents your little one from getting startled awake by their own sudden reflexes.
Our supremely soft Softsens Swaddle Blankets are made from 100% GOTS certified Organic Muslin cotton to specially care for & comfort your baby, making them feel safe and secure.

5 Bedtime Habits to help your Baby Sleep Better

5. Use this time to bond with your baby
Dim the lights and spend some quiet time with your little one by simply talking to them in a calm voice or even singing softly. A mother’s voice can be extremely soothing and is the perfect way to put your baby to bed! Sweet dreams, little ones.

What is the bedtime routine that you have set for your baby! Which of these practices do you follow?

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