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10 Ways to make your Baby’s First Christmas Special

10 Ways to make your Baby’s First Christmas Special

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Your first Christmas as a new family will always be a special one. Here are some ideas to help you create lasting memories with your loved ones.

1. Go all out for your family Christmas photo
Make your first family Christmas photo really special! Use your Christmas tree as a backdrop for your photo or pick out a nicely decorated corner of your home - one with ample natural light. Take some time to put together a few festive props that can add a fun element to your picture such as a Santa cap for you and your spouse and elf caps for the kids. A chalk board with a personalized quote can also be a cute addition. Pay attention to your outfits – colour co-ordinated outfits are always a big hit! Another great idea is matching pyjamas for the whole family.

2. Get personalized tree ornaments to celebrate this special year
Mark the occasion by making or purchasing a personalized Christmas tree ornament for your little one. It could be a tiny hanging picture frame of your baby with his/her date of birth or a sweet handprint ornament. If you’re in the mood for some DIY fun, here are some great ideas on how to make your own personalized ornament for baby’s first Christmas.

3. Play dress up with your baby
Christmas is the best time to dress your baby in all kinds of adorable outfits and costumes. From Santa or elf costumes to reindeer antlers and much more, the list of adorable ideas is endless. Obviously, this means you’ll be taking loads of pictures as well. Need a little inspiration to get started? Check out these cute ideas by Life with my Littles!Start shopping for outfits with this sweet-as-can-be organic muslinreindeer swaddle,or these cozy

4. Visit Santa Claus
You might get the perfect Christmas picture OR you might get one with your baby wailing away while Santa tries to keep a straight face for the camera. Either way, you’ll get a picture that the kids will love to look back on once they’re older.

5. Write a letter to Santa
Even though your baby is too small to write a letter to Santa, this is a Christmas tradition that you can start early on for your little one. Once they’re a little older, you can help them write their own letters. Save the letters in a scrapbook for your kids to see when they’re all grown up.

6. Knit a Christmas sweater/stocking for your baby
The best gifts are handmade with a whole lot of love & care! If you’re into knitting, make your little one a cozy Christmas sweater, cap, socks or stocking with their initials on it.

7. Plan lots of cozy indoor family nights
Christmas is all about making wonderful memories with your family! Plan a fun evening at home by playing Christmas carols, decorating your tree together, watching a heartwarming Christmas movie and making sure there’s always lots of mugs of warm cocoa for everyone!

8. Pick a Christmas classic to read to your baby every year
It’s never too early to start reading Christmas classics to your little one. Make it a yearly tradition that they will look forward to.Here are some great ones to choose from!

9. Spend time with your family
Your family is probably waiting to spend time with your little angel as well. Plan a get-together and let everyone fawn over your tiny bundle of joy.

10. Take a drive to see the Christmas lights
Babies and crowded places don’t always mix – that’s why a trip to the mall might be too much for your baby! But a quiet family drive to see the Christmas lights in your neighborhood is just perfect. If all goes well, your baby will be fast asleep by the time you get home.

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