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All you need to know about Oiling your Baby’s Hair

All you need to know about Oiling your Baby’s Hair

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Your baby’s delicate skin deserves the best care, right from head to toe. Just as you carefully select the right skincare products to cleanse & moisturize your baby’s body, it’s also important to pay attention to your baby’s scalp and hair health. The right use of a gentle and natural baby hair oil can have a multitude of benefits for your little one, right from keeping their scalp healthy and soft, to keeping their cute locks shiny, smooth and tangle-free. It is also extremely beneficial for babies with skin conditions like eczema and cradle cap.

To help you care for your baby’s scalp & hair, we formulated the Softsens Baby Natural Hair Oil – a bio-nourish blend of 7 natural seed oils to gently protect and nourish baby's delicate locks & scalp. This all-natural formulation is hypoallergenic, clinically tested in Europe, absolutely safe for use on infants, made without any parabens, sulfates and harmful chemicals in a world class GMP certified facility.

While natural oils such as olive and coconut have been traditionally to massage baby’s scalp, our specially-formulated gentle & natural Softsens baby hair oil can help provide overall nourishment and care for your baby’s scalp and hair.


Here are some of the benefits of massaging your baby’s scalp regularly with Softsens baby hair oil:

1. Loosens dry, flakey skin and moisturizes scalp
Gently massaging your baby’s scalp with Softsens baby natural hair oil can help loosen and remove dry skin and dead skin cells, thus leaving your baby’s scalp smooth and healthy. It also helps keep the scalp well-moisturized and soft.

2. Protects and nourishes scalp
Softsens baby Natural Hair Oil is full of ingredients that boost scalp health. It contains almond oil that is helpful in curing scalp inflammations, coconut oil that prevents protein loss and jojoba oil that maintains the natural pH balance of the scalp. Each of the ingredients plays an important role in gently protecting and nourishing your baby’s scalp.

3. Stimulates new hair growth and strengthens follicles
A scalp massage also helps boosts blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. Some babies are born with thicker hair while some have thinner growth which fills in over a period of time. Your baby might even have a slight bald spot at the back of their head as a result of spending most of their time lying on the back. Softsens baby Natural Hair Oil is enriched with powerful natural seed oils that not only strengthen hair follicles but also boost healthy hair growth.

4. Helps treat itchiness and skin conditions such as cradle cap and eczema
Skin conditions like eczema and cradle cap are quite common amongst babies. You can help soothe skin and reduce the effects of cradle cap by using Softsens baby hair oil to massage the affected skin. Wash off soon after with gentle & tear-free Softsens baby shampoo. Find out more about cradle cap and how to treat it by reading our blog: How to Treat Cradle Cap in Babies.

5. Improves texture and leaves hair softer, smoother & healthier
Regular use of baby hair oil can improve the texture of your baby’s hair, tame unruly locks and help you gently untangle hair. It also conditions hair effectively, leaving it incredibly soft, silky and smooth. Your baby too will love this soothing massage.


Softsens Baby Natural Hair Oil is a carefully-formulated bio-nourish blend of 7 natural seed oils, each of which have been specifically chosen to provide specific benefits for your baby’s scalp. Here’s a look at what we put inside this nourishing hair oil and the advantages of each of these ingredients:

Olive oil: Moisturizes scalp, loosens dry flakes, and reduces the effects of cradle cap.

Linseed oil: Nourishes hair to promote soft, smooth & shiny locks.

Coconut Oil: Removes sebum build-up from follicles and prevents protein loss.

Sesame oil: Improves blood circulation in the scalp for healthier hair growth.

Jojoba oil: Maintains scalp’s natural pH balance.

Argan oil: Conditions & hydrates hair to improve elasticity.

Almond oil: Soothes and cures scalp inflammation.


Keep these basic tips in mind when massaging your baby’s delicate scalp:

- Your baby’s scalp is extremely delicate so make sure you massage it very gently. Don’t rub, poke or scratch at the skin to remove dry skin. Gently massage the oil in a circular motion and spread it evenly over the scalp.
- If necessary, use an extra-soft baby brush to gently brush away dry and flakey skin.
- Wash off gently and thoroughly with mild & tear-free Softsens baby shampoo.

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