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8 Essential Baby Skincare Practices You Mustn’t Ignore

8 Essential Baby Skincare Practices You Mustn’t Ignore

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It’s no secret that a baby’s skin is extremely delicate and sensitive. While it has the same layers as adult skin, it is much thinner, more susceptible to external irritants, and can dry out extremely fast. That’s why your baby’s skin deserves extra care and attention. Besides your regular skincare regime of cleansing & hydrating, here are some other essential skincare tips for newborns that you should follow to ensure your baby’s skin remains healthy, clean & nourished.

  • Always check and clean well between the skin folds
    All that baby chub is absolutely adorable but it does make cleaning a wee bit harder. Cleaning between your baby’s skin folds and keeping it dry is extremely important. These creases tend to accumulate more moisture, causing skin to easily become red and inflamed. Here are some tips to keep the folds clean & dry.

    • Clean between all their skin folds through the day with a damp warm wash cloth or baby wipes and make sure you leave the area dry.
    • Don’t forget to clean your baby’s neck folds, behind the knees, arm-pits, arm folds and diaper area.
    • Constant drooling and spit-up can cause skin irritation, especially on the skin under your baby’s chin. So, pay close attention to this area and clean and dry your baby’s neck folds as often as you can.
  • Prewash your baby’s clothes and use a milder detergent when washing them

    As your baby’s skin can get irritated very easily, it’s safe practice to first prewash any new baby clothes before use. Follow the instructions on the care label when washing.
    There are also many laundry detergents available specifically for babies, as they are mild and specially-formulated for baby’s sensitive skin. This is really helpful if your baby is prone to allergies and redness. However, if you choose to use regular detergent while washing your baby’s clothes, a liquid detergent is often a better choice than powder detergents, as it washes off completely without leaving any residue. If you notice any irritation on your baby’s skin that may have been caused by detergent-residue on clothing, you might want to try switching to a milder detergent (free of perfume, fabric softeners, dyes, etc).
    If you’re using cloth diapers, always ensure that you rinse them out immediately. You can then soak them in cold water overnight and then wash them thoroughly with warm water, using a mild detergent that doesn’t have any added dyes or perfume. Do a double rinse and then line-dry the diapers.

  • Pick baby skincare products wisely
    With so many different products available to us, it can be hard to pick the right products for your baby’s skin. So, here are a couple of things to keep in mind while choosing baby skincare products.

    • Read and familiarize yourself with the ingredients on the label. Stay away from products that have parabens and phthalate (the ingredient will usually end with those words) as these can have harmful effects. Dyes and fragrances can also cause skin irritation so look out for those as well.
    • The claim ‘hypoallergenic’ on a product means that the product is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Make sure your products include this claim.
    • Certified organic products are always the best choice as they contain safer ingredients, ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin.
    • When using a new product, always do a small patch test on your baby’s skin to see if there is any sign of a potential irritation.
  • Be careful with sun exposure
    Your baby’s sensitive skin is more prone to sun damage and requires adequate protection from the sun’s harsh rays. This doesn’t mean that can’t take your baby out to enjoy a bright, sunny day. Simply ensure that you follow a few essential baby care tips when you do so.

    • According to experts, one shouldn’t use sunscreen lotion on babies under 6 months of age. After your baby turns 6 months, you can use a safe, doctor-recommended baby sunscreen on their skin. Always do a patch test first.
    • Between 10 and 4 am are when the sun’s rays are extremely strong, so try and avoid direct sun exposure during this time. If you are out during this time, protect your little one by dressing them appropriately and putting a cover over your baby’s stroller.
    • Dress your baby appropriately – choose lightweight clothing that is breathable, light in colour and has long-sleeves that cover baby’s skin. Cover baby’s head with a comfortable wide-brimmed hat.
    • Keep your baby well-hydrated and look out for signs that he/she is feeling too hot. Limit your time outdoors in the beginning.
  • Provide lots of diaper-free time

    Your baby’s skin needs to breathe and that’s not possible if he/she is in a diaper all day and night long. Give your baby diaper-free time whenever possible. It’s also the best way to prevent diaper rash and other skin irritations. Place your little one on a towel or a waterproof mat so that you can clean up any mess easily.

  • Moisturize well

    Baby’s skin loses moisture much faster than adult’s skin and can thus get dried out very quickly. Moisturize baby’s skin twice a day with a gentle and safe moisturizing lotion, such as Softsens Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Gently massage it into your baby’s skin right after bath-time for best results.

  • Clean eyes, ears and nose very gently

    Be very gentle and careful when cleaning around your baby’s eyes, ears and nose. Use cotton balls or cotton pads dipped in lukewarm water to clean these areas. Use fresh pads for each of the areas. When cleaning your baby’s eyes, wipe gently from the inside corner to the outside corner. Don’t rub or put the pad inside your baby’s eyes. When cleaning your baby’s nose, clean gently around the nostrils to wipe away any mucus or dirt. Don’t put the wipes inside your baby’s nose. To clean your baby’s ears, simply wipe behind the ears and around, making sure that nothing goes inside your baby’s ear. Do not poke anything inside your baby’s ear to remove dirt, not even a cotton ear bud.

  • Massage often

    Massaging your baby’s skin has so many benefits. Not only is it a wonderful way to bond with your little one, but it also helps improve circulation, boost immunity, prevent dry skin, provide relief from gas and other aches & pains. Try massaging your baby daily right before bath-time using our safe & effective Calming Massage Oil. To learn more about massage techniques, read our article – All you need to know about massaging your baby.

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