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10 Reasons to Stock up on Softsens Baby Wipes

10 Reasons to Stock up on Softsens Baby Wipes

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If you’re a parent, you’ve probably silently thanked the genius who created baby wipes more times than you can count. Even if at first you only bought it to clean your baby’s skin, you soon realized that this amazing, multi-purpose product is so much more than that! We could simply go on and on about the many qualities and uses of this versatile product, so we’re going to do just that! Here’s our list of the top 10 reasons that baby wipes are your best friend when it comes to cleaning - whether you have a baby or not, whether you use them at home or while you’re on-the-go!

10 Reasons to Stock up on Softsens Baby Wipes

Softsens Baby Wipes are soft, extra thick, absorbent and can be used for a variety of purposes.

1. Clean/refresh your skin while you’re on the go.
Baby wipes are the more practical cousins of the popular hand sanitizer. Use them to wipe dirt off your hands, wipe away sweat or simply refresh your skin on a particularly hot or humid day.

2. Wipe off stubborn makeup.
Who needs expensive makeup removers when baby wipes can do the job in a jiffy? They also work especially well to remove stubborn eye-make up and are especially formulated for sensitive skin.

3. Carry them in your handbag for unforeseen emergencies.
Yes, an emergency constitutes anything from having to use a public restroom to sitting on a dirty park bench. Indulge your inner cleanliness obsession by carrying and using baby wipes to keep dirt and germs at bay.

4. It’s our favourite stain-remover and household cleaner.
Wipe dirt, stains & germs off the floor tiles, walls, kitchen counters, door-knobs, handles, children’s toys and so much more.

5. Give your car a quick clean-up.
How often do you thoroughly clean your car from the inside? With baby wipes, you can quickly clean the inside surfaces of your car with minimum effort.

6. It’s a savior when you run out of toilet paper.
If it’s good enough to use on your child, it’ll do just fine for you!

7. Keep your gadgets as good as new.
Laptops, tablets and your smartphones pick up a lot of dirt and germs and need to be cleaned often. Baby wipes do the job perfectly without leaving your gadgets sticky.

8. Rub off clothes stains easily.
When you run out of fabric stain-remover, wipes might be your next best option. Gentle and effective, they can help clean lipstick stains or even those annoying deodorant stains on your clothes.

9. Take care of pet messes.
Use the wipes to clean your dog’s/cat’s paws before they get in the car, or give them a quick scrub-down with the wipes to clean off excess hair and keep away odor.

10. Clean scrapes, cuts and bruises before treating them.
Stock your medicine cabinet with a pack of baby wipes at all times.

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