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How to know if you’re Feeding your Baby Enough

How to know if you’re Feeding your Baby Enough

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How to know if you’re Feeding your Baby Enough

As a new parent, figuring out if your baby is feeding enough or not can be pretty stressful! To add to that stress, you have family and friends asking all kinds of questions, ranging from “Are you sure the baby isn’t underweight?” to “Are you breastfeeding the right way?” It’s time to put all the questions to rest and enjoy this special time with your baby. So here are some of the signs you need to look out for that will tell you if your baby is feeding properly.

1. Your baby is your best guide. If you watch your baby closely, you’ll soon be able to tell when he/she is hungry or full. If you see your baby sucking on his fist, opening his mouth or making sucking sounds, he might be hungry. If your little one stops sucking while drinking milk or keeps falling asleep, he is probably full and you should try after some time.

2. Although the number of daily feeds differ from baby to baby, your little one should feed on an average of 8-10 times a day. In the first week, your baby will probably feed less as their tummy is still expanding. A lot of babies lose some weight within the first few days of being born but quickly regain this weight in 10-15 days. If you are worried about your baby’s weight, speak to their pediatrician and give it some time. Many babies take a little time to settle into a fixed feeding routine.

3. Another great way to know if your baby is feeding enough is to listen to your own body signs. When your baby feeds well, your breasts start feeling lighter and softer after feeds.

4. Make sure your baby is latched on properly. When this happens, feeding becomes easier for both you and the little one. When your little one is latched on properly, he will rhythmically move his mouth while sucking and swallow occasionally, making a sound as he does it. If you are unsure about latching techniques, get help from a nurse while you are still at the hospital.

5. Your baby’s skin can tell you if they’re getting the right nutrition. If it looks healthy and supple, you can tell that you’re feeding enough.

6. When your baby is born, their poop will be dark and sticky but by the time they are a week along, their poop should be a yellowish colour and soft in texture. This is a sign of proper feeding.

7. Here’s another obvious sign! Your baby is wetting his diapers regularly. Yes, it might seem a bit much but it’s absolutely normal if you have to change your baby’s diaper every 2 hours.

8. Don’t count the minutes. Some babies finish their feed quickly while some take much longer. Simply watch for signs that your little one is satisfied and full.

Last but not the least, always remember moms, no one understands your baby better than you! Don’t forget to let us know in comments below, if you found this helpful and feel free to share your thoughts as well!

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