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We are committed to creating safe, effective, efficient and sustainable products that actually work! That’s why we have developed a robust and reliable process to guarantee the safety & efficacy of our products. If at any step of this process, our formulas do not meet the defined safety & quality standards, we go right back to step 1 and repeat the process, all over again.

Our 5-step approach, outlined below, is our set of guiding principles for any innovations and product development.

  • Purpose


    At Softsens, we believe less is more! We never do anything simply for the sake of doing it, and that includes developing products. All our products are purposefully created to solve a particular need or to simply make life easier, safer and better. We strive to add value to the lives of our customers by providing a range of safe, effective, efficient and sustainable products for moms and babies.

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  • Formula Development

    Formula Development

    Making a great product is no easy task and the process of manufacturing can often be complicated. We work closely and in tandem with our product development teams and manufacturing partners, and tap into their 80+ years of rich experience to help us develop our products that are safe, effective and performance-based!

    When we select the ingredients that make up each product, we go to great lengths to ensure that everything that goes into your product is completely safe for you and your babies. We are constantly working towards finding more natural and plant-based alternatives that are safe and effective. We also stay abreast with new technologies to ensure that we deliver only the best - after all, it’s excellence or nothing.

    Packaging: Packaging is one of our favorite parts of the process and we do it with as much care and attention-to-detail as we possibly can. We always ensure we are bringing our customers products that not only look and feel great, but are also practical and convenient for use. We are always exploring more sustainable options and looking for ways to use recycled or sustainable packaging materials without sacrificing on the final quality and affordability. Lastly, we believe in complete “label transparency”. We try to ensure that we provide maximum possible details to all our customers so as to keep them informed and aware about what they are using for themselves or their little ones!

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  • Robust Testing & Validation

    Robust Testing & Validation

    We always test for:

    - Formula/Product Stability: A stability test typically lasts between 3 months to a year and sometimes even beyond that, depending on the formulation and product. During this time, the product is kept in the lab and closely monitored to ensure that the finished product will work as it is supposed to even after being exposed to adverse conditions like extreme heat, sunlight, or cold. This is a vital step in our product development process.

    - Microbial testing: Did you know most products contain water? You will often see “aqua” as one of the ingredients in a lot of liquid-based products. A microbial test ensures that the water used in the product is completely clean and safe and doesn’t contain any of those pesky microbes or bacteria.

    - Safety and effectiveness: We ensure that we check every single product before it leaves us and comes to you. Depending on the product, it undergoes stringent testing both internally at our R&D labs in the factory during production, and also before it starts its journey to you. We specifically test for appearances, colour, fragrance, ph. consistency, microbes and other bacteria. If we have even the slightest doubt about the product quality and efficacy, it does not leave our premises. It has to be perfect in every single way before it comes to your babies.

    - External Testing: Once we have cleared the formula internally via our in-house panel experts, we begin our external testing. All our products follow international standards of testing to ensure they are absolutely safe for use on newborns as well as on all skin types. The clinical and lab tests vary depending on the product. We test for skin irritancy, eye burning, FDA compliance, SPF, water resistance, efficacy of skin moisturization and broad spectrum testing. That said, one thing we ensure is that we NEVER TEST ON ANIMALS. All our products are 100% cruelty-free.

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  • Production


    Quality is a part of our DNA and we expect the same from our partners as well. We ensure that all our partners follow the GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES (GMP) guidelines and are all GMP Certified. We do constant quality checks at the production units to ensure that the 5P’s of GMP are strictly adhered to, i.e.

    (1) The PERSONNEL at the unit is GMP trained

    (2) All procedures and standards that have been laid down are strictly adhered to

    (3) PRODUCTS & PRIMARY MATERIALS that are recorded in the formulation are strictly adhered to

    (4) PREMISES & EQUIPMENT used have to be as per GMP regulations

    (5) PROCESSES must be clearly defined and consistently evaluated for possible improvements. Quality Control Checks – Once the finished products are ready, they go through a final round of microbial and Quality Control scrutiny to ensure that the final product is as per the defined specifications. Any product having even the slightest deviation from the specified details is rejected and NEVER sent out of the production unit. After all, there is no second best when it comes to your babies. At Softsens, it’s excellence or nothing at all.

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  • Evaluation, Improvement & Refinement

    Evaluation, Improvement & Refinement

    When it comes to our products we believe in “Continuous Improvement”. As a parent you always look for ways to help your baby grow, develop and be the best version of themselves. Similarly, at Softsens, while we stand by our products, we are always looking for ways to enhance them by exploring the latest trends in research technologies, materials, ingredients and packaging materials. We are driven by our passion to ensure we only put the best out there! Lastly, but most importantly, our products are “Inspired by Moms”, and therefore we diligently consult our mom panel for their feedback on our products and incorporate that into enhancing our products. After all, we are in this journey together.

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